Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liam Egan and the Fascist MPAC

I don't think the logo is referring to the color of the grass

I have blogged in the past here that Ireland's relations with its Muslims is sound. I am sticking to that. There are approximately 40,000 Muslims living in Ireland, the vast majority of whom are hard working and law abiding individuals who contribute to life in this country in a positive way. However in recent weeks I have clashed with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee who I believe are in the midst of a campaign of agitation designed to create tension in Ireland between Muslims and Non Muslims. The ultimate objective of this campaign is to convince Ireland's Muslims that they are a persecuted minority in an effort to drag them down the same bitter path that the MPAC and its leader Liam Egan have chosen. Most will reject this but we must face the fact that particularly in recessionary times, some are likely to follow and support the MPAC. To this end I will keep a watch over the MPAC with the intention of confronting and exposing this agenda. Exposing that agenda is not difficult. Egan and the MPAC's daily rhetoric includes hatred of Jews and Homosexuals as well as Shia Muslims. This is in addition to its clear hostility toward the Irish State and Nation. They occasionally hide their extreme agenda in issues such as lack of Mosques (as if its the states responsibility to build Mosques) or US troops flying through Shannon but the true bigoted and hate filled motives of the MPAC are never far away if one is willing to look just below the surface.

Don't take my word for it. Below are the wise words of Irish Muslim Yusuf Mirza from his fine blog EireIslam

Though it may at first give the impression of being a competent and subscribed “Islamic” organisation in fact MPACie, that is The Muslim Public Affairs Committee of Ireland is actually owned and run by just one man. That mans name is Liam Egan aka Mujahid. The white, middle class forty something Gory, Co.Wexford native and the self proclaimed voice of the Muslim people of Ireland. He is certainly a man on a mission. On the MPACie web site this one man organisations displays the logo/banner declaring that it will “put the green back into Ireland”. That is the muddy green of course of a totalitarian, intolerant, and an ultra repressive mono religious and mono cultural theocracy exclusively run by Mujahids patrons, the Saudi led Wahabiests. Not to be confused with the vivid, bright and progressive Green of the Islam that was thought and practiced by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

MPACie like its owner supports an ultra extremist interpretation of Islam favoured by the Saudi Wahabi Clerics and subscribed to by such household names as Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Muhammad Omar leader of the Taliban and the Christmas underwear bomber. Claiming that they are the only true and legitimate face of Islam in Ireland MPACie had effectively and many times literally declared many other Muslims communities deviant and dissident. Declaring Ahmadis, Shia, Sufis non Muslim and even attacking many Irish Sunni Imams. This has found Mr. Egan in a more and more isolated position. But there is a neich out there and Mujahid is finding it.

Many Times on Sundays under the Dublin Spire our Ahmadi Muslim Community displays an information stall engaging with the public, giving out Information on Islam and answering questions from passers by. Just across from us at the GPO is Mujahids core market. The teenage Wahabiest fan club also hold a stall which promotes justification for what they view as “Jihad” and the repression of non Wahabiests both inside and outside of Islam. These are young men between the ages of 15 and 25 whose minds have been perverted and infected by the Wahabi virus. Many times these youngens come across and verbally attack our people and there have been incidents of them even using physical intimidation and shouting at passers by in order to frighten them away from our stall.

Mr.Liam Egan and his disciples follow a very puritanical and literal interpretation of the Holy Qur,aan but in my own experience they themselves can not read Arabic nor have they ever studied Islamic theology, history or jurisprudence. They as with Mujahid instead rely solely on the Fatwas (religious statement/pronouncements) of the Saudi divines. Their statements and ruling set into Liam’s mind as concrete and irrefutable even thought they may go completely against the core Teachings of Islam like concerning the sanctity of human life for instance. Believing as Wahabis do that because the current Saudi Regime are keepers of the Kabah (the holy house in Mecca also known as the black stone of Mecca which was built my Adam as the first house of worship, rebuilt by Abraham and his son Ishmael and again reclaimed from the idolaters by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all) that they have been invested by God that whatever they should pronounce becomes accepted interpretation of the Holy Qur’aan and that they alone can interpret it.

The Saudi Arabian Community in Ireland have by large rejected Mujahid and his teenage children of the corn and see him as just a side show clown or a caricature of the quintessential “ignorant mullah”. But this ignorant mullah is consciously helping fan an ideology and create an atmosphere which is leading to young people seeking out those channels and contacts which could lead them to commit mass murder upon Irish people.

One educated Saudi resident in Ireland who like many others has become increasingly alarmed has recently set up a website called Anti-MPAC which can be viewed here disclaiming any of Mujahids claims; that he speaks for Irish Muslims or that the repressive and bigoted Saudi State is the infallible mouthpiece of God.

So please when you hear about MPACie do remember that IRELANDS MUSLIMS REJECT MPACie 100%.

It is great to see Ireland's Muslims are willing to disassociate themselves so clearly from Liam Egan and his militant views. I would encourage all to do so and not to allow the MPAC be portrayed as mainstream opinion. This will not be easy. The problem with modern media and the blogosphere is that the more controversial a statement you make, the more likely it is to get noticed. This gives the MPAC an advantage. However failure to confront the MPAC is not an option. This became clear to me in recent days when Liam Egan attempted to exploit the horrific murder of a 15 year old Nigerian Muslim in an outrageous and truly disgusting manner. There may have been a racist motive for the innocent boy's murder although there is no indication it had anything to do with his religion. While the parents of the dead boy have called for no retaliation Liam Egan believes it is time for Muslims to form groups to defend themselves from violent attacks. This was an unforgivable attempt to instill a sense of fear and isolation into Ireland's Muslims in order to encourage them to follow his bigoted and militant agenda which is based on the Saudi, Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. Frankly, what a scumbag !


Paul said...

Ted, good post. You should be in no doubt whatsoever that MPAC are Islamists and opposed to living in a pluralistic democracy. MPACUK on their website regularly post hateful articles and go into overdrive over 'Islamaphobia' i.e. anything critical of Islam especially truthful and valid criticism.
Such an instance occurred when Channel Four with their brilliant Dispatches 'Undercover Mosque' highlighted what is actually taught at many British mosques. MPACUK cried 'Islamaphobia' they did not criticise the Saudi funded and trained preachers, saying 'Take that gay man and throw him off the mountain' or 'everybody hates the Kuffar'. MPAC is in all likelihood a Muslim Brotherhood linked organisation, seeking to Islamify the west. Their stance on honour killings or suicide bombings? No such stance exists of course. It could not as it would distract them from their raison d’ĂȘtre of continually claiming victim status.

Anonymous said...

That's a disgusting slur on MPAC.ie. They have no link whatsoever with the 'Muslim Brotherhood' nor indeed with the liberal MPACUK. They are an independent movement dedicated to the true message of Islam.

If you want to label them try get it right.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Paul

I agree completely. I assume there is a connection between MPAC.ie and MPAC.UK. It is likely that Mr Egan learned his trade from the British version. On top of their vile views they clearly have a sinister agenda of creating tension between Muslims and non Muslims which I find highly worrying.

I don't know if this is a characteristic of MPACUK but MR Egan appears to have isolated many on the far left (which I am glad to see but it surprises me as in my experience Islamic radicals tend to use the left for as long as it is advantageous). He has constantly heaped scorn on Ireland's leftists for their liberal views of society. As a result it appears to me that the MPAC.ie are almost universally ridiculed. Long may this continue even tough I wouldn't underestimate the potential danger they could cause to Irish society with their campaign of spreading disharmony followed by recruitment.

Paul said...

Anonymous, I did label them right I referenced their website. It has carried propaganda videos for insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. It cries Islamaphobia all of the time including over the Channel Four Despatches programme and it talks of 'non violent Jihad'. Whilst not specifying what that Jihad is.


Anonymous said...

Again you demonstrate your ignorance of MPAC.ie - they do not preach a 'non-violent jihad', they simply say 'fight the unbelievers in the way they fight you.' As the fight they say is ideological in Ireland, there have been no physically violent orchestrated attacks against Muslims there, they do not advocate anything other than an ideological response.

Ted Leddy said...


I do not accept your argument that the MPAC are all about fighting ideology. At best the MPAC are deliberately alarmist and provocative. Liam Egan has called for Muslims in Ireland to form vanguards to protect Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your point. If those charged with protecting citizens of Ireland (the Gardai) will not even recognize the crime of Islamophobia, what choice do Muslims have but to protect themselves? Would you do any less? How many more Muslims should be beaten, harassed and even killed before the police there acknowledge there is Islamophobia and act against it?

I for one appreciate MPAC's call, and many Muslims are listening.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you have any examples, or are you continuing Egan's example of fighting enemies that existed only in his fevered mind?

Anonymous said...

I used to work with Liam Egan. I found him to be humourous and good-natured, proud of his Irish heritage and his faith. BTW, the Ahmadi movement is rejected by the vast majority of muslims, not just Liam Egan. No doubt Mr Egan has his flaws, but I found him to be frank and honest, values which far outway the silly labelling of being fascist...very crass.