Friday, April 30, 2010

MPAC Exposed

Liam Egan and the fascist Muslim Public Affairs Committee are upset. They are upset that women have been banned from wearing the full veil in France. They are upset that the Irish government did not make more of an effort to prevent CIA rendition flights refueling at Shannon. They are upset at the plight of the Palestinians. This seems fairly reasonably. Many decent Irish people would also have issues with these things as well. But coming from the MPAC it is completely fraudulent.

OK lets take them at their word and address their concerns. Just say tomorrow Barack Obama withdrew all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Would they be happy (the correct word is appeased)? The answer is no because we forgot about Palestine. So lets end the Israeli occupation of Palestine too. Not good enough because Israel must be removed from Arab territory altogether. Fair enough, lets get an international conference going where we say to the Israelis, sorry but you really don't belong in the holy land, its time to pack up the Jewish state and for you all to move elsewhere. Surely that will be enough. No. Its time to move on to Spain. Seriously, Andalusia the southern Spanish province was ruled by Arab conquerors from the 9th to the 13th century and they want it back.

As for the rest of Europe, once an area gets dominated by a Muslim population through immigration then it is Muslim land. Shariah law must be implemented in these areas and non believers must be challenged and ultimately converted just as they must as if it were an Arab country. Just in case people think I am being alarmist I can categorically say as I did here that we have nothing to worry about such is the honourable and law abiding nature of Ireland's Muslims, virtually none of whom share these radical views. Nevertheless, these are the views of the minute MPAC and their fanatic outlook should be exposed. And the truth is that the MPAC and their ideological comrades elsewhere will never be appeased until we have all submitted to their fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

I have blogged at lenght before about the MPAC here and here and remain in no doubt what the organisation is all about. Below is a brief abstract from a recent post entitled In the absence of Reason all that remains is Resistance which I believe illustrates perfectly what the organisation is really about.

We have allowed ourselves to be duped, pacified and excluded on every level. We have abandoned our religion and put our own selfish interests before that of Islam, the result – humiliation. But all is not lost, for Allah has given us a way out. The foundation for our return to superiority is not capitulation but a return to our religion

The Islamic world used to dominate civilisation. They were ahead of the christian world culturally and technologically throughout most of the dark ages. However this began to decline dramatically beginning with the siege of Vienna when the Ottoman (Turkish) armies were repulsed by the Austrians at the gates of Vienna in 1683. The loss of power and prestige was complete with the Turkish defeat in 1918 at the end of World War One which saw most of Arabia fall under British and French occupation. The final insult was the creation of Israel in 1948. Four times in the latter half of the last century the 6 million Jewish inhabitants of Israel successfully resisted an onslaught by 200 million Arabs. The question was asked, how have we fallen so far to such an extent that we numerous Arabs cannot even defend our sacred land (Jerusalem) from the Jewish invader ?

The answer to this question as we can see from Mr Egan's MPAC quote above is a return to fundamental Islamic principles. The MPAC follow the beliefs of Sayid Qutb who himself was a follower of Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab the father of the Wahhabi movement which has ruled Saudi Arabia since 1922. However many followers of Wahhabism, Osama Bin Laden being the most notable, but I suspect Liam Egan as well, believe that the Saudis have abandoned the true principles of the conservative Islamic sect. Hence the words "We have abandoned our religion and put our own selfish interests before that of Islam, the result – humiliation". This is a reference to how the Arabs have existed in a collection of nations which have confronted the Jewish state using conventional armies where they were subsequently annihilated. Such people believe that in order to defeat Israel you must not fight it on its terms, you must fight a holy Islamic war. This belief received a massive boost with the Muslim victory over the Soviet Union in Afghanistan where the Mujaheddin fought a holy war, not a conventional war. It has slipped their memories that they would have been trounced had it not been for Ronald Reagan's material support.

The MPAC share the same agenda as most Sunni Wahhabi militant groups. While they have committed no act of violence that I am aware of I wouldn't put it past them. Thankfully they have been completely rejected by the Muslim community here and I'm sure the special branch of the Gardai are keeping a close eye on them. Nevertheless it is entirely appropriate that their true agenda be exposed and that they not be permitted to hide under more legitimate grievances. I will continue to do this.


thesystemworks said...

Ted, I can't thank you enough for exposing the evil cultural jihadists of MPAC. Liam Egan's site is receiving 250,000 hits per month, so I imagine it is Ireland's most popular hate site. Keep up the good work.

Ted Leddy said...


I appreciate the kind words. It is not difficult to expose the bigoted and hateful views of the MPAC. All you have to do is read their site. However some people cannot or will not see the extreme right wing nature of MPAC and their likes, even when it is right in front of them. All I can do is try to articulate it.

Paul said...

Great post. Interesting to note but it is not true that the Muslims defeated the Soviet Union they did not. The pro-Soviet regime of Najibullah lasted longer than the Soviet Union did in actuality. Although that does not detract from your post.

Anonymous said...


We make no excuses about this, only by returning to Islam in its fullness can we once again bring about the Khalifa and world peace, but to then link this notion to Sayyid Qutb and by extension to Osama bin Laden is disingenuous and deceptive, a typical hasbara tactic. and those associated with it do not subscribe to the writings or thoughts of Sayyid Qutb. In fact if Mr Leddy had any idea of Ad-Dawah-tus-Salafiyyah he would know that we are opposed to the distortions of the Ikhwaan Muslimeen and their increasing liberalness.

Paul said...

'We make no excuses about this, only by returning to Islam in its fullness can we once again bring about the Khalifa and world peace'

Indeed in a similar way the Nazis were after world peace as well...

So a world where polygamy for men is legal. No freedom of speech and the death penalty for apostasy as well as lesser status for women and non-Muslims. You can shove that idea the same place Abdullah Asieri shoved his C4!

Ted Leddy said...

Well, this is interesting, i suppose it's nice to be the subject of a post.

I am spending the bank holiday weekend boating with my family on the beautiful Loch Erne so I have been slow to respond to comments as Internet connection is sporatic enough on my iPhone. I will respond in detail on Monday.

But as I look out at the lovely lakes and hills of Cavan and Fermanagh I can't help think what the MPAC and their likes would do to this country if they ever got the chance. It would be minarets and burcas as far as the eye could see. Just think how different this weekend of mine would be.

Firstly we would have no boat because we would have no family business as I'm sure a lady's clothes is immoral in itself. The music, alcahol and half the food would all be off limits. We wouldn't be looking forward to that nice quiet country pub where we intend to watch Liverpool play Chelsea. But most importantly we would be living in an undemocratic dictatorial theocratic hell hole all of which I can qualify in debt.

More to come on this tomorrow.

Ted Leddy said...

I meant to refer to "a lady's clothes shop" above.

Anonymous said...

Typical Zionazi obfuscations from the Leddy camp, all about self-interest and nothing for the wider community. Muslims would like to see and end to riba (interest), injustice,licentiousness, disharmony and all the other ills in society but Leddy's self-interest must come first, eh? It's little wonder this fool supports the Jewish State, birds of a feather and all that...

Paul said...

Well anonymous numb nuts what else would 'Muslims like to see an end of' according to you. I have a list:

1. Democracy.
2. Freedom of speech.
3. Freedom of conscience.
4. Gender equality.
5. Economic prosperity and inventiveness. (The list of inventions and technical innovations coming from Muslims is not exactly impressive. About the only innovative thing is terrorism).

Of course if you favour a secular, pluralistic democracy then welcome to the world. The limits though the Salafist ideology imposes on innovation and intellect is apparent, once you consider that the primary economic resource Saudi Arabia possesses is oil. Yet they can't get it out of the ground without help from the west.

Anonymous said...

Now now Saul, people in glass houses comes to mind. Do you know of any Irish company that builds wind turbines to harness the tremendous amount of energy that's freely available. Fact is there isn't one, Ireland relies on foreigners to tap it. Is there an Irish car? In fact can you tell me one thing that Ireland exports aside from harlots and hops?

yusuf said...

Don't worry "they" are thankfully just one twisted & angry dude who stays up all night staring at the pc screen frightened that "someone" might post some comment that he disagrees with....really he stays up all night.. :p one tome (last night) I posted something at 2:30am and he just deleted it in like 10 seconds ...nuts

Keep up the great work brother!

Paul said...

So Ireland according to MPAC is as technically and intellectually lame as Saudi Arabia? Great comparison, I wonder how many rape victims in Ireland have been awarded 100 lashes recently?

Anonymous said...

None as far as I know Paul, you congratulate rapists in Ireland though, don't you?

Do you think rape victims should be exempt from punishment for crimes they have committed by virtue of the fact that they suffered a crime? That's rather odd, but explains why you people there are so reluctant to prosecute pedophiles who were abused themselves.

And no, Ireland doesn't even come close to Saudi Arabia in terms of intellectual attainment. Just Google the number of PHd holders for comparison.

Paul said...

Please explain why then with all those PhDs Saudi Arabia cannot drill its own oil?

'Do you think rape victims should be exempt from punishment for crimes they have committed by virtue of the fact that they suffered a crime? '

No I do not, but under Sharia as you well know unless four Muslim male witnesses can testify to a rape taking place, the victim is prosecuted for adultery. You know that Mr Egan as that is the legal system you admire so much.

Paedophilia is really not a strong subject for you to base an argument on. Across many Muslim countries child marriage is legal. Thus a form of child rape is institutionalised.

The main reason for this is because Mohammad himself indulged in this appalling behaviour. According to Bukhari and Ayesha's own narrative, he married Ayesha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. By today's civilised standards that would have earned him a place in prison. Apart from of course in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen to name a few places where such behaviour is legal. Evidence supporting that view is easy to find both in Hadith and contemporary media reports.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks folks for all your comments. It is a fascinating discussion.


I appreciate your comments very much. It is good to know Ireland's Muslims reject the MPAC agenda so emphatically. Your criticism of Mr Egan carries more weight than mine. I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you to see the MPAC attempt to the portray their views as mainstream among Ireland's Muslims and when you refute it Liamo deletes your comments. You can do so anytime here.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks so much for your articulate comments. Your point about the Nazis was excellent. Hitler like Osama Bin Laden wanted world peace. The problem was/is that both men wanted it only on their terms.

Ted Leddy said...

Allow me to weigh in on this conversation between Paul and anonymous about economic productivity and society. The question is who scores best, the Muslim world or the west and why ?

There is no question that most Arab and or Muslim nations are basket cases economically. This is true despite the hard working and dynamic culture that exists in the Muslim world. The truth is however that political Islam is hostile toward democracy which has resulted in instability and dictatorship throughout the Muslim world. This has contributed greatly to economic underachievement. Anonymous may make the argument that the Irish have manufactured little of note but he can hardly argue that the western economic model is less successful than that in Arabia.

When it comes to the issue of the quality of society I believe that when many Conservative Muslims think of liberal democracy they automatically see the negative aspects like drugs, crime, pornography ect. These are the bad aspects of living in a free country. However anonymous is wrong if he thinks the Arab world is free from these problems. In the liberal west we are aware of all societies ills. They are out there in the open for all to see. We read about them, we know people involved in them and we deal with them as best we can. In the Arab world they occur too, its just that they occur away from view. The issue of immigration illustrates this effectively.

Mr Egan likes to make an issue of the treatment that Muslim immigrants receive in Ireland and Europe. Well the gulf states have a massive amount of migrant workers from India. They are treated in an utterly appalling manner. They are worked to the bone for little and sometimes no money. They have no rights whatsoever. In many cases they are not permitted to leave their compounds. They are in fact slaves. Then there are the Filipinos. Many households employ Filipino women as domestic servants but they end up being used as sex slaves. And if a pregnancy results they might find themselves in jail for having extra marital sex.

Societies like Ireland and Britain have many social problems. I suppose we must accept that if you live in a free country some people will use that freedom unwisely. However I would say that people who choose the wrong path in life but who later turn things around because of their own will power or supportive family and friends. These people will find themselves in a much more rewarding place than somebody who has been straightened out through state brutalisation.

By the way anonymous. I would appreciate it if you would identify yourself,

Paul said...

Ted, great points as usual but you do miss a few things. It's quite true that Muslim societies tend to be autocratic as otherwise they would be an equally autocratic tyranny.

However does a hard working and dynamic industrious culture exist in the Middle East? Or is it awash with what commentators call 'Inshallah fatalism'? Certainly it's interesting to note that the Hajj railway built by the Ottomans in the nineteenth Century did not utilise Muslim labourers. In fact it was the Armenian Christians who did the hard graft. The Ottomans themselves noted the Christians were more hard working and industrious. A sociologist might arguably ascribe that to a Christian work ethic.

As to issues such as ‘when many Conservative Muslims think of liberal democracy they automatically see the negative aspects like drugs, crime, pornography ect.' That may be true as they see it. But that is only because they never look at their own culture critically. There are more drugs, more pornography, and vastly more corruption in the Islamic world. I'm surprised you have not noticed this. In fact Salman Rushdie commented on the amount of internet bandwidth devoted to porn in Saudi and Pakistan. Their average consumption rate is higher than in the west. Anecdotally for evidence of this go onto Face book. Many porn models advertise themselves there and just look at the list of their 'friends'. The majority of names are Muslim ones! This is not a case of me 'Muslim bating'. However a bit like Victorian Britain the society itself may be outwardly very moral. However personal morals are very lax indeed.

Ted Leddy said...


Many Muslims in Britain and Ireland are well educated professionals. The reason they come here is because their home countries have no civil society or middle class which means they have very little prospects. My family have been in the clothing business for generations. We have been trading with British based Muslims for a long time and our own personal experiences have always been positive. These are the reasons I have referred to "the hard working and dynamic culture that exists in the Muslim world".

I am aware that drugs and corruption are rife in the Arab/Muslim world although I was a little surprised to here your stats on pornography. I became aware from my time in Iran that the country has a massive heroin problem. The point I was trying to make is that there is an association in the minds of Muslims with liberal society and decadence.

George Bush once addressed this in Istanbul in what I think was a NATO summit. I believe he said that "when I talk of the blessings of liberty, I assure you I am not referring to crass commercialism and immorality". Liam Egan lives in a town called Gorey in Co Wexford. I have been there many times. It is known for its nightlife. If you were to walk around it at 3am you would see plenty of immorality. I am partial to a bit of immorality myself every now and then so this type of carry on doesn't bother me too much. But I do accept that conservative Muslims associate liberalism with an erosion of community values which they hold so dear. I believe they are wrong to do so. It is fickle of them. Because where it really counts, separation of powers, democratic institutions, freedom of the press/speech the western liberal democracy will not let you down.

thesystemworks said...

Paul, you may be interested in this:

Mark said...

For the guy who said Ireland doesn't export wind energy
They even support the Irish football league: Evil Bastards!

There are dozens of other companies here that flog wind and wave renewable energy.

Unfortunately due to our isolated position on the outskirts of Europe and our low population base, we are always going to need to import energy.

As for an Irish car, HELLO MCFLY! We tried to build the Delorean in Belfast but GREAT SCOTT we just couldn't do it!

Anonymous said...

Salam brother.

I have placed a link to this on my blog. Its Important! These people are terrorists in waiting. They don't have any religion because no religion advocates what they are advocating. One of the most important verses in Qur'an is "There is no compulsion in matters of religion for surely right has become distinct from wrong" and "Oh Muhammad surely you are just a guardian over them let him who will, believe" and "for you your religion for me my religion"

These people take the mick out of the Qur'an. If they did not find Islam they would be in the BNP or something!

And mark my very words brother because I have stood face to face with these people. They will do a terrorist attack in Ireland some day soon. Some have already gotten training in morocco. So they say!

I am angry that the Irish Government just sit on their ar*es while this is going on.


PandaBrian said...
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PandaBrian said...

I dispute that Islam was such a guiding light in culture etc in the medieval world. New studies by eminent historians suggest otherwise. They only copied Greek and Roman works and Europe was not so backward as popularly portrayed.

This is an interesting lecture by Dr. Warner on the 1400 year jihad of Islam against Jews and Christians and Hindus.