Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo of the Day

The new Ireland soccer Jersey. I like this picture because there is something pious about it. The sacred Heart and the light shining on the Jersey is surely a good omen for the future.


AnnthePan said...

In God we trust!!!!!!

Ted Leddy said...


Did you know Trappatoni's sister is a nun. It certainly can't help our cause. I reckon God is definitely on Ireland's side.

yusuf said...

Lolzz what ever it take to win, cue the giant straw man.. nooo your all mad, let me out nooo..! Sorry Thierry Henry but someone has to be the sacrifice :P

Ted Leddy said...


I hear ya, Its gonna be tough watching the World Cup without the boys in green, especially in light of events in Paris and Thierry Henry (may Allah's curse be upon him). Lets hope and pray for 2012.