Monday, May 10, 2010

Bill Maher Comes Good

One of the reasons I got turned off left wing politics was the inability or unwillingness of the left to recognise Militant political Islam as being a highly dangerous right wing philosophy that is utterly repugnant to western democratic values. This became so clear to me after spending one month in Iran conducting research on the democratisation movement in that country. When I came back the idea of Blame Bush/Blair/Bertie for everything seemed completely hollow after seeing what the young people of Persia have to put up with. I began to feel that the blame the west for everything politics of the left is like a spoilt teenager being cheeky toward their parents because they know they can. Gradually I actually became quite appreciative of the virtues of western style liberal democracy and quite proud of the fact that I live in a free country.

However I do get great satisfaction on the odd occasion that a lefty decides to put things in perspective and call it like it is. HBO's Bill Maher is probably the most left wing person on American TV. Still, the comedian has the good sense to make it clear that for all the failings of the catholic church and eccentricity of the christian right, they got nothing on the Taliban. He also stipulates that when it comes to conservative Muslims living in western democracies, there are some things that are non negotiable.


Dan said...

I'm addicted to "Real Time with Bill Maher", download it every Saturday. The guy is a legend and calls it like I see it!

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Dan

I love his programme too. The guy will just say whatever he's thinking, no matter how controversial, very refreshing. Have you seen his docu movie "religilious", it's hilarious. Hope all is well Dan.


Anonymous said...

who'd win in a fight bill maher or bill o'reilly? That i'd like to see

Ted Leddy said...


I reckon the big Cavan man would take him.

thesystemworks said...

Your words on the political left resonate with me quite a bit, Ted. It was the moral nihilism and folks like these that made me realise what fascism really is:

I like Maher too. He is very brave for taking the stand he does on Israel, which isn't always going to play well with his natural audience. He's also very funny, though I disagree with him on a lot.

Paul said...

Good post and brilliant clip. I will cross-post this on mine. Also a half decent debate on Israel is emerging here:

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for the links.

Crazy pictures from the demos.

Fascinating interview of Netenyahu by Maher. Netenyahu makes the case against Iran superbly.

Bill Maher is a mad character really. Like you I agree with the man on very little but you don't have to agree with someone to find them funny. The late Bill Hicks (who was pretty much a communist) was in my opinion the funniest man on the planet.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks very much for the link to Gubu World on your blog. I appreciate it very much.

Looking forward to getting stuck into that debate tomorrow.