Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boring British Election

The British election bored me. I never got excited about it. Brown's sheer lack of charisma probably shouldn't have been the reason, but was that turned me off the labour party once and for all. Cameron doesn't convince me and I could get excited by about a quality Tory government but there is little worse that a politician who tries to please everyone. Conservatives are supposed to be hated by a significant section of the population. He shouldn't shy away from key but controversial conservative values. Britain could do with a Thatcher right now, not a Ted Heath. William Hague is the only Conservative man I believe could have led the Tories to an outright victory. As for Nick Clegg I always suspected the Lib Dems would ultimately under perform. All we can do now is wait and see who is best at making backroom political deals to from the next government.

The only issue that really concerned me and still does is the possibility of a Tory DUP pact which would result in a Westminster government in debt to the DUP. That would bring too much of a risk of destabilising the Stormount assembly for me. The other big news is that First Minister Peter Robinson lost his seat no doubt thanks to the recent Mrs Robinson affair, literally. However this may not be the end of Peter Robinson, a man I must say I have come to admire, as he is still a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Stormount where the power sharing government sits. The most positive news from the north for me was the defeat of rejectionist Unionist Jim Allister of the Traditional Unionist Voice who lost out to Ian Paisley Junior in North Antrim. Thankfully the MEP's anti agreement crusade appears to be running out of steam. This from Slugger O'Toole

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