Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dail Disturbances

The usual gang of eccentric leftists tried to ruin things for everybody yesterday when they attempted to storm the Dail after a legitimate and dignified march in protest at the cutbacks and government handling of the economy. The socialist Workers Party led the way in the attack on the Irish parliament in a weird and vain attempt at "playing the Bolshevik" 1917 style. Sorry lads but this is Dublin, not St Petersburg. The funny thing was they had the cheek to claim Garda brutality when seven or eight unarmed Gardai prevented them entering Leinster house. Of course the Gardai drew their batons. What the hell else would they do when 50 yobs try to storm the parliament. The SWP used the familiar tactic of provoking the Gardai while having cameras at the ready to film their reaction in the hope of cathcing a Garda in the act of lashing out. It was a total propaganda failure for the SWP. Champion of the left Vincent Brown was on the scene and defended the Gardai on his TV programme last night. On this occasion, the SWP failed in their attempt at framing the Gardai of brutality. The video footage below makes it clear who the aggressors were.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man! A bunch a middle-class students playing the revolutionary!

Edward the Hamster

Ted Leddy said...


It makes me cringe really. There is nothing more old and boring that the privileged leftist.

Good to have you back my furry friend.

thesystemworks said...

Please have a look at this truly cringe-worthy footage also:

thesystemworks said...

Whooops... the above I meant to post on the Lars Vilks piece, not here.

Ted Leddy said...


No worries, I guessed as much.

Its a very disturbing video. You could see half way through the clip a female demonstrator (probably in the British equivalent of the SWP) trying to control the crowd. She has no idea what she is involved with.


DT said...

everyone sit down.

What about my haemeroids?

Gary said...

Good blog. I get so involved in U.S. politics it is good to keep informed about what is happening there as well.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Gary

Feel free to comment any time. I always enjoy debating with people I respect even if there is not always agreement.