Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David Cameron and Nick Clegg ?????

How young do these two guys look ?.

I wish Cameron and Clegg the best of luck. I don't fear a Tory government the way I did five years ago when I was concerned that an arrogant administration might be insensitive to the complexities of the Northern Ireland peace process. This concern of mine re emerged briefly a few weeks ago with the talk of a Tory Unionist pact. A British government in debt to the unionists would not have been good for the Belfast Assembly. Anyway this did not happen so I welcome the fresh face and the conservative message.

Cameron's speech impressed me yesterday. His talk of a responsible society where it is stressed that every citizen has responsibilities to themselves, to their families, to their community and their country is a strong message, one I would like to see replicated in Ireland where "What has the state ever done for me" has become the dominant theme. Generally though, Cameron and his conservative lite agenda does not impress me and I doubt whether his coalition government will last long. David Miliband will win the labour leadership contest and the Blairite will be a formidable foe to a weak and divided government. My prediction is that within a couple of years Britain will have in Miliband, the first Jewish Prime Minister since Benjamin Disraeli 1874-1880.

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