Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Liam Egan is a Sleeveen

In Ireland we sometimes refer to an untrustworthy, sly and sneaky person as a Sleeveen. Liam Egan of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee is such a person. Obviously myself and Liamo do not see eye to eye on, well anything. But this is not the source of my accusation that he has leprechaun like characteristics. I have a site meter on my blog as do most bloggers. I use it to see how many hits I get on a daily basis. Using the site meter I can also see how people become aware of Gubu Word and how they came to be on it. I can see the words they may have googled or the blog roll they may have linked to. Knowing this helps increase traffic. Yesterday I received a hit on my site meter from the usual spot that Mr Egan logs on from. He had googled the words "Leddy, Jewish origin". He was obviously trying to find out if Leddy was a Jewish name, as if this would invalidate my opinions somehow. I would however never have become aware of this had he not, after googling the words, been unable to resist the temptation to immediately click on to my site to read a previous post of mine which showed up in the search entitled Is Zionism racist ?

Anyway, so far all he has done is try to find out if I'm Jewish. That's fine. I have probably done the same with some people out of curiosity. However when I confronted him on his site about this during a debate about expelling the Israeli ambassador from Dublin over the forged passport controversy, he proceeded to delete that section of my comment. My comment appeared on the MPAC.ie site as

It would be excessive to expel the Israeli ambassador. If it can be determined conclusively that staff from the Israeli embassy in Dublin were involved in the forgery of Irish passports then the appropriate staff should be expelled. It is however entirely possible that this was all done in Jerusalem in which case a firm protest would suffice.

Ted Leddy

What was missing was

By the way I see you were trying to find out if I am Jewish. Next time try asking. For the record I was born a Catholic just like you. I am still a Catholic. I have no Jewish connection what so ever. I do however have the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. I know that anti Semitism, homophobia and actively working to bring about a deterioration in relations between Muslims and non Muslims is bad. Where as respect and working to improve relations between races and religions is good.

Egan deleted the second part of my comment admitting that he believes in "knowing thine adversary". And this is why he is a Sleeveen. The lowest thing a person can do on the blogosphere is to altar a person's comments in order to suit their own point of view. A website set up by some real Irish Muslims who appose Egan's extremest views delightfully described him as a Wahhabi Goebbels. What a perfect description. And that is exactly what he is. He deletes the comments of the vast majority of Irish Muslims who log on to his site to express their displeasure at his radical agenda. I also suspect that some racist anti Muslim remarks that are left on his site are in fact fabrications by Egan to portray the Irish people as Muslim haters. When I confronted him about this last night, he, you guessed it, deleted my comment. This is undoubtedly, the carry on of a sleeveen.

Other examples of a Sleeveen include

Ronan Keating has been cheating on his wife for the last 6 months. Sleeveen !

John Terry has been cheating on his wife with the girlfriend of his England team mate Wayne Bridge. Major Sleeveen !

Fictional Sleeveens

Matt Damon's character in The Departed was a super Sleeveen. He was tasked with finding the informers in the Boston Police. He was the Informer.

Danny Devito's character in Mars attacks tried to make a deal with the all conquering aliens. What a sleeveen !

Historical Sleeveens

Benedict Arnold was an awful Sleeveen. He fought for the Americans in the revolutionary war but half way through changed sides and fought for the British.

Attila the Hun was a Sleeveen for obvious reasons.

When Charlie Haughey wanted Brian Lenihan out of the way he spread a false rumour that President Patrick Hillery had a love child with a mistress. The hope was that he would be forced to resign leaving the way for Lenihan to become President. He was the king of the Sleeveens.


Anonymous said...

MPAC.ie Comments Policy: MPAC.ie reserves the right to withhold from publication comments that are deemed to be spam or unrelated to the article at which they are posted. Comments that include personal attacks on other people at MPAC.ie may also be withheld from publication.

Perhaps if you read this you wouldn't post your rubbish. As it stands MPAC reserves the right to remove irrelevance and unsubstantiated comment, given that the first part of your post was on topic it remained.

All the hate posts are sadly genuine, the vast majority are not published as they are obscene and others such as threats have been passed to the Gardai with relevant details.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Liam Egan is not prepared to debate the issues with sincerity and integrity. His actions are the trait of a coward.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there's ample room for debate on the MPAC site, it's just that non-Muslims prefer to get personal and offensive and the very clear comments policy allows for admins to remove posts like that.

Paul said...

I also suspect that some racist anti Muslim remarks that are left on his site are in fact fabrications by Egan to portray the Irish people as Muslim haters.

Interestingly that is a fairly standard tactic amongst Islamists. The Islamists and Hamas supporters of CAIR in the US have done that repeatedly on Jihadwatch the site run by Robert Spencer.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so bloody infantile Paul. Are u seriously suggesting that all the anti-Muslim hate on P.ie or Boards.ie is a conspiracy of Muslims, or that Islamophobia is a figment of the imagination. Maybe Leddy is a closet Muslim secretely stoking dissent - watch out Paul, the Moooossssllliiiiiiims are coming.......Grow up! Your site metre must be buzzing today Leddy, what's that four visitors in one day, a record :)

Ted Leddy said...


"MPAC.ie reserves the right to withhold from publication comments that are deemed to be spam or unrelated to the article at which they are posted".

Sounds reasonable but in reality it means you delete comments you cannot answer or are unable to handle.

"All the hate posts are sadly genuine". I don't believe you. Some probably are but the manner in which you conduct yourself in the blogosphere suggests otherwise.

Ted Leddy said...


I agree entirely.

Ted Leddy said...


It is a despicable tactic. One that fits the description above of Egan as a Wahhabi Goebbels.

I was not aware that CAIR had done this to the Jihadwatch website. Very Low, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Another tactic I strongly disapprove of is leaving comments under a disguised name. Very common among some bloggers. There is nothing I want to say that I am not prepared to attach my name to.

Ted Leddy said...


If I can weigh in on your final comment

I don't believe that the anti Muslim hate on MPAc,ie is a conspiracy by Muslims. I believe it is a conspiracy by you.

There are of course racists out there. But discussing it on your site on your terms is absurd. You are the most racist and bigoted Irishman I have ever come across.

You are correct. My humble little blog does not get nearly as many hits as yours. Then again, I am not funded by the Saudis. And my message is obviously not going to generate the same level of controversy on the net as your Kill the Kufr rantings.

thesystemworks said...

There was a Muslim imam or preacher in Australia who was caught on CCTV vandalising his own mosque, so he could report an 'Islamophobic attack' to the police. It is a common tactic among the cultural jihadists. Palestinians are notorious for this sort of thing also (see the 'Pallywood' phenomenon).

Dr. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim, believes this behaviour is endemic to Islam as there is much in the religion to justify lying to non-Muslims to advance Islamic interests. I don't know how true it is, but she claims Islam shuns ethical teaching in favour doing what is best for the Muslim community. I get her message when I see this phenomenon among the fundamentalists, but I don't think it is a necessary part of the Islamic way of life. Islamic law in relation to the giving of charity, hospitality and such promotes good behaviour in a person. Its hard to argue against that when you see the hospitality one is bound to witness in a Muslim home, and the closeness of many Muslim families.

Religion, I believe, builds communities and strengthens society better than any government bureaucracy can ever do. It tempers the potentially excessive materialism of a capitalist society (and I am as pro- free market as they come), as well as 'lipstick' feminism. I believe in the virtue of participating in civil society, and the enriching value it has.

Egan and his Islamist company have clearly exercised bad choices. Lets hope their legacy on this planet is erased soon and buried in the passage of time.

Anonymous said...

System: you offer ONE instance and like all the other Muslim haters draw an unwarranted conclusion...let's try that one, a substantial number of Irish men have been accused of pedophilia, so all Irishmen are ......????

As for Wafa Sultan, a nutjob like Spencer et al who takes people like you for a ride is hardly quotable and certainly in no position to point the finger of suspicion. Birds of a feather, eh.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for the excellent contribution.

This is an issue that has puzzled me. I spent two years living and working in the Middle East. I had many wonderful experiences of the hospitality and generosity that you referred to.

Dr Wafa Sultan's claim that "Islam shuns ethical teaching in favour doing what is best for the Muslim community" is interesting. It is certainly true that Islamic culture focuses entirely on the well being of the community at the expense of the individual. I believe that Islamic authorities are prepared to do almost anything to maintain the communal good as they see it. Perhaps this does explain some of the bizarre behaviour we see among the supporters of the Jihadists like Egan and the Australian Imam.

Ted Leddy said...


As you are aware I have often referred to the MPAC as a fascist organisation. I believe this is true because I identify the similarities between the politics of the far right and the politics of militant Islam. The main similarities of course being hatred of minorities and hatred of the left wing agenda.

However these issues aside I genuinely believe you are a fascist. Just because you don't have power does not get you off the hook. The dishonest and deceitful way you conduct your blog is fascist like. By deleting peoples comments and worse, altering peoples comments to suit your own point of view you have truly earned the title of "Wahhabi Goebbels"