Monday, May 31, 2010

Madness in the Mediterranean

I have not yet had the opportunity to properly digest the events that occurred in the early hours of the morning off the coast of Gaza that appear to have resulted in the tragic deaths of several peace activists. I am not the type to jump to conclusions so I will wait until I have heard all sides and consulted several different sources before I post on the issue, at which stage I will do so in a fair and balanced way. There is a demonstration in Dublin city center at six this evening. I will attend, take a few snaps and make some conclusions of my own. I will do a detailed post on the days events at about ten o clock tonight.


thesystemworks said...

I'd be careful when using the label 'peace activists' here.

Ted Leddy said...


As I admitted, I do not have all the facts yet. I do not know who exactly the dead are. All I know is what the media are speculating. But I did state that "it appears" that peace activists were killed which is hardly conclusive. We will all know more shortly.

thesystemworks said...

I'll get back to you when you do this in more detail Ted, and we can talk about IHH, the Islamist charity with ties to Al Qaeda on the ship Mavi Marmara.

Mark Humphrys said...

Here's the reality:
Check out the first video.
Mark said...

Yes, how dare those protesters protect themselves from Jewish thugs armed to the teeth with guns and grenades illegally boarding their ship in international waters.

Predictably, Humphrys regurgitates the Zionazi line. Useful idiots always find their niche.

Paul said...

Ted, 'peace protestors' they were not. Down to you of course but I would delete comments from the wanabee Nazi above.

Gary said...

Like you, I try very hard to keep as open a mind as possible about these things. I have good reason to be somewhat skeptical about actions taken by the Israeli Defense Forces. I have a posting coming up on my blog on June 8th that will clearly explain why. That said, I am also not very trustful of what the other side does either due to their record of violent action. In this case the video is very hard to argue with. While there are still many questions to be answered, the evidence thus far seems to be weighted on Israels side and this begins to appear to be another staged provocation with tragic consequences.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for the link

Ted Leddy said...


I look forward very much to your posting on the 8th of June. I must say I am very curious.

I have also found this one very dificult to call when it comes to blame.

"staged provocation with tragic consequences". The Israeli Palestinian conflict has oceans of propaganda flowing in all directions from all sides. It can be very challenging at times to get to the truth.