Sunday, May 23, 2010

Muslim Protest in Dublin

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There was a protest by Muslim groups outside the Belgian embassy in Dublin yesterday. It was a demonstration against the recent Belgian decision to ban the full veil (Niqab/Burqa). It appears that the fascist Muslim Public Affairs Committee was one of the principal organisers. This from Mr Egan.

The lions of Ireland stood resolutely against the onslaught of kufr today and sent a strong message of unity toward their brothers in affliction. Despite intimidation and fears of reprisal, a strong throng of believers stood shoulder to shoulder praising and extolling the mighty name of Allah, castigating the hypocrisy of democracy and warning against the consequences of oppression and repression.

Never before had Donnybrook witnessed such a sight, never before had the glorious struggle for Islam resonated in such indomitable tones and NEVER AGAIN would we allow ourselves to be silenced.

I don't have a problem with Muslims protesting against the ban in Dublin even though I think its a bit odd to launch a demonstration aimed at "warning" the Irish government not to follow suit when I have heard nothing to indicate they are even considered something similar in Ireland. What I do object to is the MPAC's leadership of the protest. Its like listening to a communist complain about workers rights or a fascist about immigration. I believe in workers rights and that the EU Immigration system should be reformed but I have no interest in listening to a right wing racist or a leftist revolutionary lecture me on these issues. Their radical views completely invalidate their opinions on what would otherwise be more reasonable grievances. The same is true with liam Egan and the MPAC. Egan does not care about the Muslim Veil, it is a deliberate distraction. It is an attempt to throw sand in everyone's eyes. He has called openly for an end to Irish democracy. Nothing else matters in my opinion. This is all that counts. His leadership of this issue is entirely fraudulent as the true agenda is much much much more sinister.


Anonymous said...

Leddy says, 'I have no problem with Muslims protesting' as if any Muslim gave a hoot what he thinks :)

But then adds that he's only in favour of such protests as long as they are led by individuals he personally approves of. Honestly, you couldn't make it up...what an utter fool.

Ted Leddy said...

Thank you for that enlightened comment Liam.

Let me be clear. I was not in favour of yesterdays protest. When I said I had no problem with it what I meant was that I believe it was a perfectly legitimate protest about a reasonable subject. What I object to is your participation for reasons made clear in my post.

You have a sinister agenda for this country. It's not because I fear Islam or suffer from Islamaphobia that I say this. It is because you want to see an end to the democratic institutions of this country. You have been actively working to bring about a deterioration of relations between Muslims and non Muslims in this country. You probably won't be happy untill you see Muslims and non Muslims fighting each other on the streets of Dublin, Cork and Wexford. You are an anti Semetic homophobic demagogue who holds a deep rooted hatred of this country. And I object to you masking this sinister agenda
under the more reasonable cause of opposing the ban on the veil.

Anonymous said...

Lol, you are a frustrated little puppy, aren't you?

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Liam

I always know when I have out debated you when you turn to insults.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Liam Egan must be a lost little soul, who was probably bullied as a child, by his peers and maybe even his family and friends. He clearly feels hard done by in life, and as a result, has created a fictitious agenda for himself, that really there is no basis for it, but he can channel all of his anger , or, stupidity into.
He cannot be taken seriously, I think he's just an angry loafer, lonely, in a grubby bedsit, who's discovered the internet, and uses it to spew boring drivel, and get back at those who bullied (ies) him, and wonder how different it all could have been, if he had just received a little bit of love as a child. Liam Egan is a fool. And strange, very very strange.


Paul said...

I wonder if Liam Egan has a girlfriend?

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for your comment which is I believe is spot on.

I have thought long and hard about this. Should Egan be ignored. His extreme views have very little support in this country so is it counter productive to give him the attention he so craves ?

I have come to the conclusion that it is the right thing to do. He may be a lunatic but he is a smart guy. And he may have some success in his efforts to radicalise the young Muslims of this country, and in his attempts to worsen the relations between Muslims and non Muslims in Ireland. I therefore think it is appropriate to confront and expose his militant agenda in a calm, determined, logical and respectful way. I will continue to do this.

I really do believe your analysis is spot on. I think it's a personal crusade with him. Get this, I have heard from unconfirmed sources that before he converted to Islam and moved to Saudi Arabia some 10 years ago he was a Christian pastor in some weird bible bashing (end is nigh) organisation. The truth is, he is probably just a guy with some serious issues. There is no doubt he has a major chip on his shoulder and holds a deep hatred of everything in society that he associates with the establishment. He is as you say a very very strange man.

Ted Leddy said...


Probably not. But stranger things have happened. Not much stranger mind you !

thesystemworks said...

Paul: Egan is married, with children. I think the wife is from Somalia, but definitely African anyways.

Paul said...

Paul: Egan is married, with children. I think the wife is from Somalia, but definitely African anyways.

Well that rules out one theory. Nonetheless his ego is gravely frustrated it would seem. Interesting how so many of these nutters are converts. Now in most religions converts have excessive zeal. But sadly when you have a 'religion' like Islam that is awash with violence, supremacism and is antithetical to modern civilised values it does not bear good.

Anonymous said...

i would like to add that liam is much better off than most of you hooligans, and is, in fact, my teacher (literally) and isn't such a bad guy. he's funny, i'll give him that