Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pictures from the Erne

Over the bank holiday weekend I sailed along with my brothers and cousins from Belturbet in Co Cavan to Enniskillin in co Fermanagh. It was a short and beautiful trip up the river Erne with lots of spectacular views of the numerous lakes and hills along with the inevitable mix of politics that comes with a journey across the border into Northern Ireland. Below is a sample of pictures I took.

You have to love the name of our craft.

Its a truly lovely part of the country.

An ancient Round Tower, somewhere in Co Fermanagh

As we pulled into Enniskillin I noticed a man with the longest fishing rod in the world

As I walked around Enniskillin I was reminded that Thursday's general election in Britain, also effects Ireland. Although I can't quite work out what this poster is trying to say.

The war memorial in Enniskillin. I took this picture because I thought it was the site of the remembrance day atrocity in 1987 in which 11 people were murdered by an IRA bomb. On doing research on the issue this morning I have learned that it is not. The bomb occurred at the cenotaph in another part of the town. The bombing as well as being a tragedy for the innocent victims was also a PR disaster for Sinn Fein and the IRA. They had always tried to portray themselves as fighting a legitimate campaign against the occupying British military. But the Enniskillin bomb was a blatantly sectarian attack. It was also a dagger through the soul of the Ulster Unionist. It was their bloody Sunday.

On the road home from Enniskillin I snapped this picture of the peace monument on the border between North and South. Its message is perfectly simple. Peace for all.

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