Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking the Piss

With all the controversy over the recent South Park Prophet Mohammed cartoon and the Comedy Central I.S.R.A.E.L video I think its time that everybody chilled out a bit. Gubu World is an unapologetic fan of politically incorrect humour. Sometimes you got to just take the piss:

Of the Palestinians

Of the Jews

Blacks and Christians

And the Irish

And some more on the Irish


Anonymous said...

brilliant round up of these family guy clips, i had no idea it was so politically incorrect. I too am a fan of using it in humor, so long as some obvious taboos are not breached. Tho I love having the piss taken out of me in the two Irish clips, my fave is " i rode into town on an ass. Ya Mamma's Ass"... Brill . E

Ted Leddy said...


That's my favourite too.

Sometimes its good to unwind my making fun of stuff you're not supposed to.

Yusuf Mirza said...

To be fair, were Irish so taking the pi*$ is kind of our national trait :P

Ted Leddy said...


We do seem to enjoy making fun our ourselves and each other.