Tuesday, June 29, 2010

70 Years Ago Today 29/06/40

France. It is one week since the French surrender. Western Europe is now in the hands of Nazi Germany. The terms of French surrender are coming into effect. On this day 70 years ago the collaborative French government move south to Vichy where they will be responsible for the administration of the unoccupied two fifths of the nation, as per the agreement with Hitler. However many French have vowed to fight on. General Charles De Gaulle has emerged as the leader of the Free French faction.

There is chaos in the French colonies. Some of the French military have pledged their allegiance to the new Vichy regime. Others have backed De Gaulle and the resistance.

Britain. There is much confusion in Britain too. Is the war lost ? It is a natural question to ask when you consider that so much of the Great War was a stale mate. One thing is certain, defeatism is growing.

Channel Islands. Jersey and Guernsey are bombed.

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