Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bogside Mural

Can anyone tell me, is the above image real ? It certainly looks it. And if it is, is it the same famous gable end wall. In other words, has Northern Ireland's most famous Mural in Derry's bogside been replaced by this ?


Paul said...

It's really free under Hamas isn't it?

Ted Leddy said...


This really annoys me. I believe very strongly that Ireland, a country with arguably the best peace process in the world, could contribute in a very positive way to peace in the Middle East. It already is in the sense that Tony Blair and George Mitchell, two men deeply involved in the NI peace process are right at the center of peace making efforts in the holy land. But neither men are Irish. I wish the main theme of Irelands contribution to the Mid East situation was, we can do it, so can you. Unfortunately the debate is dominated by highly opinionated but very badly informed Israel bashers.