Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Donegal Beauty

I took lots of scenic pictures over the weekend in Co Donegal. I was going to keep them to use for my photo of the Day over the next few weeks. But they are just so picturesque I think they need to be seen all at once. No politics, no agenda, just some beautiful pictures of Ireland.

The River Finn, Co Donegal.

Every year the salmon return from Canada to spawn in the place of their birth.

I stared at this waterfall for 20 minutes hoping to catch the image of a salmon leaping up stream. As soon as I put the camera down you know what happened.

The truly amazing Slieve League cliffs in co Donegal are an astonishing 3 times higher than the more famous cliffs of Moher.

At 601 meters they are the highest sea cliffs in Europe.

It looks more like New Zealand than Ireland. Breathtaking !

Rossnowlagh Beach, the owner of the restaurant from where I took this picture seemed obsessed with telling me that this was where Tony Blair learned how to swim as a boy.

The sunset over Rossnowlagh beach.

Going Down.



Gary said...

Truly beautiful scenery and your photographs are excellent.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Paul

I'm sure as a Navy man you have seen a few spectacular sun sets yourself.

Donjuan said...

Excellent Photos; You must of had a great tour guide

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Donjuan

Ah he wasn't too bad. He was relatively sober most of the time.