Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gaza Flotilla Demo in Dublin

Pro Palestinian demonstrators gather in the center of O'Connell Street on Monday evening.

I have had a chaotic day. I have only now (the early hours of Tuesday morning) managed to get myself in front of my lap top. By lunchtime tomorrow, when I definitely will have the time, I will post in detail on what exactly I think happened; the motivations of those who participated in the flotilla, the rights and wrongs of the siege and the appropriate international response to the incident. I did however find the time to attend the demonstration in central Dublin earlier today. The march, organised by the Ireland Israel Solidarity Campaign, went from O'Connell street to the Israeli embassy in Ballsbridge. Below are a sample of the videos and pictures I took.

The demonstrators begin their march down O'Connell street past the statue of Big Jim Larkin . Note the chant "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free". This is a very inappropriate chant as it implies that the objective is the liberation of the entire holy land.

Approximately 3000 demonstrators cross O'Connell Bridge

I believe that many fair minded and well intentioned people attend these demonstrations. In many cases they are completely unaware of the radical agenda of organisations like the Socialist Workers Party and end up getting totally led astray by them. I suspect the elderly lady in this picture is such a person.

Many different groups participated in today's march. I believe that most of the people leading the march in this picture are family members of Irish people that were detained in the incident. The man in the suit is jack O'Connor President of SIPTU, Ireland's largest trade union. The man on the left holding the banner is Sinn Fein TD (MP) Aengus O'Snowdaigh, who was in fact with the flotilla until it left Cyprus.

The demonstrators approach government buildings from Nassau street

The demonstrators arrive at the Israeli embassy where they are met by another crowd of protesters.

Outside the Israeli embassy

Demonstrators chant "Shame on You"

Red paint outside the footpath of the Israeli embassy, in what looks like a stunt from a previous demonstration.


Dan said...

Hi Ted,

I have been following this with interest, just a few observations...

It seems to me that the Israelis may have struck at night in International waters to avoid a standoff and media circus the following day knowing there were TV crews on board who would broadcast live.

Also, the footage released is only one side of the story. I'm guessing the ships may have refused to stop and possibly were immobilised with force. This may have rallied the crew and passengers into action against the soldiers, as they were attacked in International waters.

Also, if you are going to attack soldiers; It's probably not a good idea to use sticks and stones (marbles) as they use guns.

I'm not pro/ anti Semitic or Palestinian. It seems like a huge shit storm with assholes on both sides. I think in this case the Israelis have been provoked by the organisers of the flotilla and in turn have massively over reacted.

Anonymous said...

Driven by abject hated toward Muslims and Islam or suckered by Zionist lies, Ireland’s Jewish State apologists entered the fray yesterday exonerating the illegal and illegitimate Jewish statelet of all wrong.


Ted Leddy said...


Thanks fo the comment

"I think in this case the Israelis have been provoked by the organisers of the flotilla and in turn have massively over reacted" I think this is exactly what happened. Apparently when the Israeli commandos first boarded the ship they had live side arms and powerful paint ball guns. At some stage they clearly said enough is enough and they, or their reinforcements decided to get seriously heavy and killed between 10 and 19 people.

Ted Leddy said...


I have no interest in debating this with you. Earlier this week sunni extremists entered a Mosque in Pakistan and murdered 90 unarmed worshippers because they disapprove of the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam that they practise. You desribed it as unfortunate but that the victims were to blame. You are hardly in a position to complain about Israeli brutality.