Monday, June 28, 2010

North Korea gets a rare dose of reality.

Apparently the North Korea V Portugal match was broadcast live throughout North Korea, probably the most liberal thing that has ever happened north of the 38th Parallel. After putting up a brave fight against Brazil and only losing 2:1 and perhaps with some sense of nostalgia, since in North Korea's only previous World Cup appearance in 1966 they nearly beat Portugal in a very famous match that ended 5:3, Kim Jong IL gave the go ahead for the match to be broadcast to the entire nation. However, things did not quite go as the dear leader had hoped.

This from The Daily Dish

This is actually quite an amazing story. For a nation that is used to having all of its news censored, and only hearing good stories about the country and the dear leader, to be watching as its team gets wiped out by Portugal 7-0 is a rare dose of reality

The North Korean team were cohesive and well organised. They were hard to break down. But like all fanatical communist societies they were void of individual brilliance. And individual brilliance is required to be a top team at the world cup. But the North Koreans didn't have any because to have individual brilliance In North Korea means that you are a threat. It is therefore forbidden.


Gary said...

I cannot help but feel sorry for the North Korean players when they return home.

Ted Leddy said...


Me too. In fact, it is believed that the entire North Korean squad were imprisoned when they returned from the 1966 World Cup in England. They could not be trusted as people who were left alone in a western country. Also Kim Il Sung was apparently unhappy about reports that the team were out partying and engaging in other "decadent western" type of behaviour while in England.