Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo of the Day

A Jazz Band outside the Palace Bar in Temple Bar, no doubt part of yesterday's Bloomsday festival.


Dan said...

Hey Ted!

This is not related to your nice pic but...

Can't get your email address as I'm in work but thought you may find this article interesting:

Dan said...

That web address got chopped, it should end:


Ted Leddy said...

Thanks for the link Dan

I'll check it out and might do something on it.


thesystemworks said...

A flood of memories have just flown back to me...

Last Bloomsday, I was working as one of those annoying street fundraisers for a charity in Dublin, a job which I did for all of a couple of days. It was the summer I got rather attached to Dublin. I'd hated everything about the place when I was studying, but living a rather Bohemian lifestyle independently in the City Center, I found Dublin to have a charming flavour of its own.

Ted Leddy said...


I share that sentiment. A friend of mine recently described Dublin as being like a family member that you don't get on with. You love them but you can't stand them. I must say that I have really come to love so many things about Dublin. I have traveled all over the world but I think I have to declare it my favourite city (my second favourite being Jerusalem). The pubs, the gigs, the sport, the history, the culture and its character. I love it.

thesystemworks said...

Jerusalem will always be my first love, though Zefat in the Galilee oozes unique charm. Nothing beats Friday nights at the Kotel, going to random strangers houses for Shabbos dinner, and Saturday nights on Ben Yehuda.

Still, I think my favorite city in Europe is probably Budapest. The architecture, bathing and food win me over every time I visit. I hope it doesn't become like Prague, Budapest is so much better than that. The one place that competes for my European top spot is Belgrade. I love the Balkans, I've have been to Serbia three times, and intend to go back a lot more. The nightlife in Belgrade is unsurpassed by anything I have every seen on this good earth. And the people welcome visitors with open arms and much interest. Of course, with cheap flights available to Budapest almost year-round, accessing Belgrade is a snap. Last time I went, I got a return ticket on an overnight train for 6 euros. Knocks out two nights of accommodation costs.

Concerning Ireland: I like Cork, but its more of a village than a city. Like the moon, its a pretty sight but I wouldn't want to live there. I love the UCC campus though. Trinity has better buildings (I'm fond of the Hist one, though every time I debated there I lost) but UCC is like an oasis from the rest of the city. Trinity doesn't have that as such.

thesystemworks said...

With Dublin, there is a lot of great live entertainment, and the city still has a lot of local character. Even though there is much pretentiousness to spoil the atmosphere everywhere. Not to mention small-minded bigotry and ignorance in parts.

Yet I have fond memories of many Dublin hang-outs, especially at the Four Seasons in Ballsbridge, Cafe en Seine and Renards night club. I hated nearly everything about Renards but we'd always end up there for some reason. My friend and I were banned once, after a violent altercation with Eamon Dunphy with Bono looking on. Shortly afterward, the place went into liquidation. Karma, anyone?

Ted Leddy said...


I have only been to Jerusalem once. I was truly mesmerized by it. For me it was a complete overload of history and politics. Its long long history is everywhere you go as are many signs of the Arab Israeli conflict. I loved it.

I have never been to either Budapest or Belgrade but you're description makes me want to go.

I like the Hist too. Had many interesting debate there. Won some lost some.

I love the Dublin nightlife. Even though I'm more of a pub man myself. I love good pubs and Dublin has the best pubs in the world.

You must tell me the details some time of the row with Dunphy. I'm actually kind of fond of the old codger. He is a man I would like to go on a bender with.