Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo of the Day

I snapped this picture yesterday outside Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament) which was buzzing with activity as people waited for news in the Fine Gale leadership contest.

For my non Irish readers allow me to clarify. The leader of Ireland's main opposition party has just been challenged by his deputy for the leadership. Enda Kenny who has been leader of the opposition for eight years won the contest. Boring stuff really. There is however one interesting side show to this as far as Gubu World is concerned. About half of Enda Kenny's front bench (shadow cabinet) came out in favour of the challenger Richard Bruton. The other half backed Mr Kenny. One individual who did this was Alan Shatter, opposition spokesperson on children's welfare. Alan Shatter who I blogged about here and here is Ireland's only Jewish member of parliament and probably the countries most outspoken supporter of Israel. One consequence of his backing Enda Kenny is that Mr Shatter, a prominant solicitor, is likely to be promoted on the front bench to shadow Minister for Justice. Since Fine Gael are almost certain to win the next general it is safe to say that Ireland's next justice minister is likely to be a pro Israeli Jew. That should make things interesting around here.


Gary said...

Thanks for getting me interested in the World Cup. I enjoyed watching the USA get robbed. You did not tell me that one of the exciting parts of the game was that the officials could change the rules while the game was being played....or was that just because it was the American team I wonder?
---I'm just kidding, but seriously, that was a really bad call.

Ted Leddy said...

Oh Gary,

If I were an American I would be paralysed with rage. It was a perfectly good goal that should have stood. You could not have been more robbed. The referee should have been wearing a balaclava in my opinion. Still, the US did very well to fight back from 2:0 down and are still in a great position to go through to the next round if they beat Algeria (a poor team). Don't lose hart Gary.