Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo of the Day

This is my best photo of the Day. I bumped into comedian Andrew Maxwell in a pub over the weekend. I told him that I have a blog called Gubu World, and that the word Gubu was made famous by the controversial former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Charlie Haughey. Andrew Maxwell is well known for his impersonations of Haughey particularly that famous photo where the late Taoiseach is making a point but looks like he is telling the Irish people to Fuck Off ! It is a sentiment that many people accuse him of because of his legacy of corruption. I asked Mr Maxwell if he wouldn't mind replicating the pose for Gubu World and he kindly obliged.

And Below is the famous photo.


DT said...

Good photo Tedzer. I was sitting beside one of his contemporaries in Croke park on Sunday. Neil Delamare was there supporting the Biffos against Galway. Dublin got a pasting of the Cats. You going on Sunday??? Did I ever send you Ibrahim's number?

Ted Leddy said...

I'll be going to Croker on Sunday alright but I still can't get behind the hurlers to be honest. Just never been a hurling fan. You never gave me ibrahim's number but it's ok, I bumped into him today in the "woolshed" for the South African match. Great laugh watching them beat France even if they didn't make it through to the second round.

Confucius said...

I had some of the best times with those Biffos, especially the one who reads your mind when you walk in & produces two pints of the black stuff.

What a legend

Ted Leddy said...


Ah, telpathic barmen, the best kind.

DT said...

I wish he was reading my mind now and was standing behind this laptop with a pair of pints and two quadruple whiskeys. I've got a bastard behind the eyes.