Friday, June 25, 2010


I love this clip. It is from a bar in Nebraska. Watch as the bar goes bananas when the US score the last minute winner again Algeria which sees them top the group ahead of England. This reminds me and I'm sure every other Irish person of the glory days of Italy 90 and USA 94.

And then Bill Clinton, who was at the match makes a very curious but interesting point comparing success at football to success in politics and war.


Gary said...

Bill Clinton is very good at these "muddy" sound bites. He is more popular here now then when he was president. Democrats here want his support when running for office far more than then they want Obama's. Personally, I liked him as president, but don't tell my republican friends that....

Ted Leddy said...


Bill Clinton is hugely popular here in Ireland too. Mainly because of the huge effort he put into the Northern Ireland peace process. During his presidency he visited here I think 5 times. His charisma is second to none and his responsability with public finances made him popular with conservatives. I am not surprised that moderate democratic candidates prefer his backing rather than Obamas.

Of course some people will always be partisan. But I would think most American would prefer a competant Democrat to an incompetant Republican and vice versa.