Monday, July 19, 2010

70 Years Ago Today 19/7/2010

Washington: President Roosevelt signed a bill on this day committing the United Sates to a two ocean navy. The bill approved $4 Billion to be spent on over 700 ships in a massive naval expansion that would enable the US to be a major naval power in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Berlin: Hitler issues a "last appeal to reason" urging Britain to make peace or face the consequences.

Crete: On this day 70 years ago today the Australian cruiser Sydney along with five Royal Navy destroyers sank the Italian Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni in a battle off Cape Spada, the north-western extremity of Crete.

This picture captures the moment a shell from the Sydney hits the engines of the Bartolomeo Colleoni causing it to explode. This Italian ship sank with the loss of 121 lives.

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