Wednesday, August 18, 2010

70 Years Ago Today 18/8/40

Britain: The Battle of Britain is raging. Hitlers Armies have conquered all of Western Europe. Only Britain remains undefeated. The Luftwaffe have launched an all out attack on the Royal Air Force in order to clear the way for a German invasion of Britain. It is arguably the most crucial battle of World War Two. On this day 70 years ago the RAF shot down 69 German planes over southern England. RAF losses were 33 shot down with another 29 destroyed on the ground in bombing raids.


Paul said...

Ted, have you heard of this chap?

He was an Irish RAF pilot. He also looks not entirely unlike his namesake from the 1980's!

Ted Leddy said...


I was aware of Paddy Finucane. A great man. I actually did a post about him before.

Good spot on the Finucanes!