Monday, August 9, 2010

The Brady Reunion

Blogging was sparse last week as I have been attending a lengthy reunion of my late grandmothers family and her many decedents. In all, over 200 people from the Brady clan congregated in Co Cavan to celebrate the event. It was wonderful, I met many relatives from all over the world including Canada, America, France, Pakistan and New Zealand. I also managed to get in some fascinating political conversations with some very interesting people whose personal experiences ranged from my Washington DC based second cousin who works for a major hotel chain that caters for the presidential inauguration balls (his personal recollections of the second Bush inauguration was particularly interesting) to my British based second cousin through marriage from Pakistan who volunteers with an organisation called "prevent" which works to discourage young Muslim men from embracing radical politics. As you can imagine, I was in my element. Thanks so much to all my relatives who made it such an unforgettable event. Below is a small sample of some interesting photos from the reunion.

The beautiful Drumlane Abbey in Milltown Co Cavan. The 4th century monastery is where many of my ancestors are buried.

My Great Uncle Tommy takes us on a tour of the historic graveyard. This particular plot contains the remains of my Great, Great, Great Grandparents who participated in 1798 rebellion.

The same cemetery had a prominent grave to Sean McIntyre, an IRA man from the locality who was killed in June 1921, two weeks before the truce with Brutish forces. June 1921 was by far the bloodiest month in the Irish War of Independence.

My Great Uncle Tommy takes some of the younger generation on a spin in his vintage 1949 Ford. Note the old fashioned indicators.
You gotta love good old Co Cavan. An 80 kilometer speed limit on a boreen

Thanks again to all those who made it such a memorable week. Back to normality this week on Gubu World. Daily posting to come.


Sean said...

Don't think we are related but would love to hear from you if any of your part of your Brady clan have links with my Brady clan which hails from Tullyco. Cavan is where the Bradys are most numerous but there are at least three unrelated clans or septs.
Glad you had a good party, anyway.
Sean Brady

Ted Leddy said...

Hello Sean

Thanks so much for your comment. Brady is one of the most common names in Cavan. I would be interested to know more. The three clans must be related at some distant stage. Thanks for stopping by and stay in touch.

Confucius said...

Great photos Ted - not sure when I will get to Cavan again, but hopefully soon enough

My Grandad is buried in that same graveyard.

Ted Leddy said...


Glad you liked them. Some nice images of home for you I'm sure.

Everybody in the Drumlane Graveyard commented on how lovely it was. I never gave this subject much thought before but it did occur to me that I couldn't imaging a more beautiful place to be buried.