Friday, August 20, 2010

Its Stag Time !

I'm going away for a few days for my brother's Stag Weekend (that's a bachelor party for my American readers). Forty of us are sailing three boats from Ballyconnel in Co Cavan to Leitrim Village. I will be off line until Monday. I will post some uncompromising pictures when I get back. I will also be on twitter if anybody is interested. In the meantime here's a round up of the best of the blogophere from the blogs I read. Paul over at "A Modern Libertarian" has a fascinating post about the need to liberalise Britain's gun laws. Gary from "Gary's Reflections" speculates on the chances of an Israeli Air Strike on Iran within 6 months and also has an excellent post on a Taliban War Crime.

The Ground Zero Mosque, perhaps I should rephrase in the interests of fairness, the Mosque near Ground Zero is dominating the blogosphere. Gary weighed in here and Robert Avrech from "Seraphic Secret" has a go (mainly at Obama it must be said)here, here and here. For an alternative view on the Mosque controversy, read this post from the "Daiy Kos".

Meanwhile Juan Cole from "Informed comment" has an excellent post that I would highly recommend on the US withdrawal from Iraq. That's it for me. I'm off on a wild weekend.

On a separate note. Check out this outrageous footage from a bull fight gone wrong in Spain yesterday.

And here is a little tribute to my up coming weekend.


Gary said...

May you have a fair wind and a following sea, my friend -and have a good time!

Sean said...


Had a great weekend. Eoghan told me about gubu.

I'll be looking forward to some expert analysis on world affairs.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Seanie, good to see ya tuning in! Thanks again for making the weekend brilliant. Ted, you truly are an awful man. I thought Stag hunting was illegal!


Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Gary

I had a super time, although it was tough on the liver I must say.


Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed the weekend. Everything has only stopped swaying for me today. You're welcome anytime on Gubu World.


What do you expect. It's your own fault for getting married.

you're welcome