Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gubu Busy & Blair Coming

Apologies for my absence over the last number of days. It has been one of those weeks. I am working on a post to coincide with the withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq. I hope to post it Thursday morning. Quite appropriate really, particularly since Tony Blair is coming to Dublin on Saturday resulting in posters of protests springing up along the cities lamposts and bus stops. More on this over the weekend.


Dan said...

Might be an interesting Late Late this week so...

Gary said...

Forgive my ignorance of the subject but I would be interested in why such strong protest to Tony Blair? Is is because of his support for the Iraq war or more about some of his other actions? I admit I know very little about him but thought he was fairly well thought of in Europe. What did I miss?

Anonymous said...

Its official, Tony Blair is going to be on the late late show on Friday night.

Yea some people don't like Blair here and other countries, cos of his support for America during the Iraq invasion and in subsequent years.


Ted Leddy said...


I'm looking forward to the Late late show. I'm trying to get tickets actually. It is the only live TV interview he is doing about his book.


Like many before him, Blair's popularity in America was not matched at home, Gorbachev and Sarkozy spring to mind. The Iraq war was deeply unpopular in the UK, far more so than in the US. He was however an electoral genius who won three general elections in a row slaying four conservative leaders in the process. He still generates much controversy and division in Britain and Ireland, particularly within the labour party. Strangely though, his reputation in Ireland is probably better than it is in Britain because of his positive role in the Northern Ireland peace process. That is why his only public appearances to promote his book are in Dublin, not London.

thesystemworks said...

Blair was very popular in EU circles before his perceived 'selling out' to the Americans - he was definitely Britain's most Europhile Prime Minister.

Gary: The Irish Anti-War Movement, who launched that poster, are an extremist group who aren't anti-war by any means, just anti-West. In 2006 they invited a Hezbollah spokesman to Ireland who called Jews 'a lesion in the forehead of humanity'. He was banned from entering the country in 2007, which one IAWM person said was 'a serious blow to the anti-war movement'. These people don't understand the difference between being anti-war and taking sides in a war.

Ted Leddy said...


Excellent analysis of the Irish "Anti War" Movement. I used to support them. Then I began to believe that they were misguided. Eventually I realised that they were way off. Now, I actually think the IAWM has in reality got quite a sinister motive. This is particularly true of its leadership.

You rightly said they are not anti war. A perfect example is the Israeli Palestinian conflict. They're official position is that a one state solution is the only resolution acceptable. Wow ! It must be the only example of an anti war organisation calling for an end to one side as the way forward.

The IAWM do no want to see peace between Israel and Palestine, as I do, they want to see victory for the Palestinians. It would be like an Irish nationalist saying, I want to see peace in Northern Ireland, but Protestants have to move back to the UK. It is utterly shameful.

thesystemworks said...

Ted, its a real shame.

Ireland could have played a leading role in the Middle East peace process had she not relegated herself to the sidelines. This was partially due to unfriendly government behaviour towards Israel, but also thanks to vocal extremists like the IAWM and Boyd-Barret, whose fellow ideaologues ran half the world into the ground when it was under their control, but still feel they can tell Israelis how to run their country.