Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back

I missed blogging big time. Its a relief to be back. My brothers wedding in Rincon De La Victoria in southern Spain was wonderful. Exams went well and I'm looking forward to getting back to daily posting on Gubu World. Not quite yet though because I'm off to Dubai tomorrow for a short trip which is a mixture of business and pleasure. I will do a few posts from the UAE, probably something on the Iranian influence on Dubai. I will be back on Tuesday.

And here are some random pictures.

The Wedding Party I'm the tall one behind the beautiful bride.

My View of the All Ireland Final

And then there is our poor Taoiseach Brian Cowen. Not long after he received massive criticism for conducting an early morning interview in a very hung over state, Ireland's leader had to find himself the brunt of a Jay Leno joke. On top of the 29 billion Euro cost of the Anglo Irish Bank bail out, he really did not need this. It was funny though. Enjoy !


Second Best Man said...

Dear Best Man,

Great to have you back,

Yours sincerely,

Second Best Man

Gary said...

Hey, welcome back, Ted!

Paul said...

Welcome back, Ted hope the wedding went well.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Lads

Good to be back !