Friday, November 19, 2010

90 Years Ago This Week

13th November

An IRA Flying Column in Inches Co Tipperary ambush an eight man RIC patrol killing four policemen.

In Dublin an 8 year old girl dies in a crossfire after a shoot out between British soldiers and the IRA.

14th November

In Galway, a Catholic priest known to be sympathetic to Republicans is abducted and killed by state forces, most likely Black N Tans.

15th November

In Ballina Co Mayo four suspected IRA men are abducted and murdered by the RIC.

16th November

At a meeting in Washington DC, President of the underground Irish Republic Eamon De Valera announces the formation of the American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic (AARIR).

November 17th

Four IRA prisoners are taken by the Auxiliaries from their barracks in the Lakeside Hotel, Killaloe Co Clare, onto Killaloe Bridge where they are shot with their hands tied behind their backs.

One RIC man and three IRA men are killed in a gun fight in Cork City center.

November 19th

Four senior IRA men are captured in Cork by the RIC. The men are almost summarily executed by the RIC but for the intervention of Colonel Hudson of The King's Liverpool Regiment.

November 20th

Two Limerick IRA men who were acquitted for the murder of an RIC man in Limerick are stopped at a check point on return from their trial in Dublin. Both men are abducted and murdered by the RIC.

A Captain in the Manchester Regiment is abducted and shot by the IRA in Ballincollig Co Cork.

Sunday November 21st

This proves to be an exceptionally bloody day in the conflict.

An RIC man is shot and killed in Newry Co Down.

An RIC man is shot and killed in Leap Co Cork.

An RIC man is shot and killed in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford

November 1920 was a particularly bloody month for the RIC.

In Dublin, IRA Director of Intelligence Michael Collins orders his intelligence "Squad" to assassinate several British secret service and military intelligence agents. Fourteen are killed around Dublin.

In retaliation, the Black N Tans enter Croke Park during a Hurling match and open fire on the crowd and the players. Twelve civilians, including two children are killed.

That evening the Auxiliaries capture and kill three men in Dublin. They are Dick Mckee, a senior member of the IRA GHQ, Dublin IRA man Peader Clancy and innocent accomplice Conor Clune. The murder of Clune would prove particularly difficult for the British as he turned out to be a nephew of Reverend Patrick Clune, the Archbishop of Perth and personal friend of Loyd George who had been acting as an intermediary between the Irish leaders and the British government.

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