Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cuchulainn, MacBride and Emmigration

I have been driving around Ireland for much of the last two weeks working with my fathers business. As always. I like to snap a few pictures to put up on Gubu World. Here are a collection of bronze statues I came across from around the country.

I came across this statue in Ardee Co Louth. It is of the Irish mythological figures CĂșchulainn and Ferdiad. Folklore has it that Cuchulainn was forced to Kill Ferdiad, his best friend, in a dispute over a woman after a three day duel between the two men at what is now known as "Ferdiad's Ford" or Ardee.

This statue is in Westport Co Mayo. It is of Major John MacBride, a native of Mayo who was executed by the British for his part in the easter 1916 rebellion. MacBribe was not an organiser of the rebellion, nor was he associated with the Irish Volunteers. In fact he only became aware of the rebellion the morning it began when on he offered his services to Thomas McDonagh, a signatory of the proclamation of the Republic. However, the British assumed because of his anti British history that he was a principal leader of the rebellion. MacBride had led an international brigade against the British in South Africa during the Boer War and had been an early member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Macbride is also famous among literary circles, as he was married to Maude Gonne, the love rival of William Butler Years. MacBride's son Sean would have a long career in Irish politics.

This statue in Kiltimagh Co Mayo is dedicated to all the people from the area who were forced to emigrate during the 1940's and 50's.

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