Monday, November 8, 2010

Decision Points - updated

I am looking forward big time to reading Decision Points, George W Bush's political autobiography. I'll let the man himself tell us what we can expect.

Below is a comment and an abstract from the book. This from the blog The Cedar Lounge Revolution.

Bush recounts how he ordered the US to plan strikes against operations against specific targets in Iran and Syria (so much more than the usual plans that are locked in a drawer to invade pretty much anywhere), shifts the blame for the response to Katrina elsewhere, defends his various wars, praises Tony Blair, and defends the use of torture

Of Katrina, Bush writes

Five years later, I can barely write these words without feeling disgusted. I am deeply insulted by the suggestion that we allowed American citizens to suffer because they were black… The more I thought about it, the angrier I felt. I was raised to believe that racism was one of the greatest evils in society.

As a white Republican from Texas Bush was always going to be accused of racism here and there. Personally, while I was opposed to many Bush policies, I always got the impression that he was quite a compassionate man. I still think that.


Paul said...

I intend reading this as well. can't be arsed with Phoney's AB even if the proceeds do go to the RBL.

Ted Leddy said...


I haven't got Blair's book yet. But I will, mainly for the Northern Ireland chapters. Phoney or not, the man was PM during a remarkable period.

thesystemworks said...

Its a tired tactic of the left to throw around the term 'racist' at their ideological opponents. The Tea Parties are racist despite endorsing many minority candidates, Bush is a racist even when he's pro-immigration and had blacks and Hispanics in his cabinet, Israel is racist because it calls itself a Jewish state... I could go on all day.

Ted Leddy said...


Of course racism and bigotry is as vile a human trait as there is. But racist is a loaded term. It should not be thrown about lightly. To do so robs it of it's significance. Leftists along with some on the pro Israeli right are the worst offenders. Personally, what irritates me the most is reform of the asylum system. Ten seconds into that debate somebody will call you a racist.