Sunday, November 28, 2010

Erin Go Bragh

Erin Go Bragh, a very simple message meaning Ireland Forever.

I never intended for Gubu World to become a blog where domestic Irish issues would be debated. But with the reckless fiscal policies of the Fianna Fail government making international headlines and putting the future of the European project at risk, I thought it about time I addressed the issue. I attended yesterday's Trade Union led protest march in Dublin. Now personally I blame the Trade Unions as much as anyone for the crisis we are in. They were hardly putting the nation first all those years when they negotiated extortionate pay deals for their members from a government led by Bertie Aherne that was almost literally bribing the people (ie the massive public sector) for votes. In my opinion the union acted similarly to the banks, they did what was in their interests, not the national interest. It truly sickens me to hear them constantly invoke the name of James Connolly, a man who gave his life for the nation, the ultimate example of putting the country first. Leaving that bit of union bashing aside, I do of course share their anger and that of their members for the decimation of the public finances and the embarrassing and humiliating bail out all of which stem from a lazy government and Finance Department that did not monitor the banking system. News coming through tonight is that the terms of the bail out have been excepted. 85 billion with an interest rate of %5.6 is a colossal loan for a small country like ours. However I have faith in the entrepreneurial nature of the nation. The private sector will ultimately generate the growth to drag us out of this. If there is one conviction I am beginning to develop from all of this it is that government cannot run anything. Health, education, infrastructure, everything will be over budget and inefficient as long as gangs of solicitors, barristers and teachers who hold on to hereditary parliamentary seats continue to run this country with such spectacular incompetence.


thesystemworks said...

Ach, the unions are just defending the malinvestments made under the easy credit years. It wasn't their fault, but their actions and ideas wont lead to recovery either.

Ted Leddy said...


When I criticise the unions I am not blaming them for the recession. However we got into this mess because of reckless lending by the banks. Banks lent money to property developers because it was in their short term interests to do so. This is the same spirit, ie sectional interests, with which the unions conducted themselves over the last number of years.