Monday, November 1, 2010

Mid Term Madness

Apologies for the absence. I have been dealing with a few computer issues. Its been an interesting week in the US. First there was Jon Stewart's (pictured here at the rally along with comedian Stephen Colbert) march to restore sanity in Washington DC. Then there was President Obama's appearance on Stewart's Daily Show. The mid term elections begin tomorrow. Is it me or is eccentricity in US politics at an all time high. Sometimes it seems like the Republicans are being led by right wing radio talk show hosts and the Democrats by comedians. In any case it seems that the Dems will likely lose control of the House of Representatives but keep the senate. But I do think we could see some shockers tomorrow on both sides. Long term Democratic senators like Harry Reid in Arizona and Barbara Boxer in California may very well lose their seats. However my prediction is that the Dems won't be hit as hard as most are predicting mainly due to the divisive impact that many Tea Party candidates appear to have on the electorate, and the Republican Party. We shall see very shortly !

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