Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Protest Pics

Below is a selection of pictures I took at last Saturday's Trade Union led demonstration in Dublin city center. It was the biggest most vocal demonstration I have seen in Dublin since the February 2003 march in opposition to the upcoming invasion of Iraq. 1% own 34% of the wealth. I dispute this figure, and I reject the claims of those on the extreme left who seem to think that the best way out of recession is to literally draw up a list of the 10,000 wealthiest people in the country and seize 50% of their wealth. I like this picture, it is taken from almost the exact spot from where the Free State Army shelled the Four Courts on the orders of Michael Collins in July 1922 instigating the Civil War.

A very clear and simple sentiment.

But just in case there was any confusion !

The iconic hapenny Bridge. A sign calls for a nationwide strike, something which I believe has caused division within the unions.

You can't beat a bit of political comedy. One poster which I didn't manage to take a picture of read, "We were supposed to get fiscal rectitude, instead we got rectal fistitude".

The new United Left Alliance is I believe a joining together of the Socialist Workers Party, the Socialist Party and the People Before Profit alliance. Socialist Party MEP for West Dublin Joe Higgins is on the left of the picture. They intend to contest the general election in the spring as a unified political party

Trade Union leader Jack O'Connnor addresses crowds outside the General Post Office on O'Connell Street. O'Connor, as a main stream Trade Unionist was booed by many in the crowd during his speech because of his perceived weakness when negotiating with the government. It is typical union politics.

Most protests in Dublin culminate outside the GPO. As the headquarters of the 1916 Easter Rising it is a building with which the Irish people have a deep psychological connection. I took this picture from the top floor of Clerys Department Store on the East side of O'Connell street.

This image indicates the large crowd in attendance. The police estimated there were 50,000 in attendance, the organisers claimed it was 100,000. The truth was probably somewhere in between.

After the main speeched at the GPO, a minority of protesters held another demonstration a the O'Connell monument. A minority of these then went up to the Dail for a confrontation with the Gardai. A minority of these spat, insulted, threw bottles d fireworks at the Gardai. Here, masked men begin burning a picture of Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

The burning continues.

I shot this video below. The Gardai, in my opinion handled the situation exceptionally well. They resisted the temptation to respond despite the constant provocation. There were mounted and riot police in the back ground but they were kept at a distance. At one stage the dog unit was brought in but perhaps sensing that this intimidated the peaceful demonstrators, they were withdrawn quickly. However I was positive things were going to kick off Greek style as there were no signs of the militant minority calming down. I was fully expecting a riot to break out any moment. Then, when I least expected it, the regular Gardai rushed the crowd, split it in half, identified and arrested a handful of the troublemakers. A very tense situation was diffused.

Erin Go Bragh, My favourite picture from the Demonstration.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures.

Just one minor clarification relating to the United Left Alliance. It is an Alliance rather than a party and will be standing in the General Election on a unified platform rather than a unified party.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for the clarification. The alliance will certainly make the upcoming general election a great deal more interesting.