Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Bills

I like Bill O'Reilly and I like Bill Maher. Maybe it is because they are both Irish lads or maybe because they're extremely outspoken in their political beliefs. Obviously both men are miles apart on the political spectrum. Maher is probably the most left wing person on American TV where as O'Reilly is a conservative pundit, even if many of his followers have expressed disillusionment of late with him for apparently being too easy on Obama. Anyway, both men, despite their enormous differences appear to have a healthy respect for each other. I like this. I have lots of left wing friends whose company I enjoy and whom I love to debate with. And some of these are outright commies. Speaking of commies, I'm sure the editing staff at the O'Reilly Factor failed to pick up Mahers' sarcastic comment about President Eisenhower who he refers to jokingly as "that fucking commie". Listen carefully to the clip below and you will hear it. O'Reilly missed it during the interview but surprisingly, so did the folks at the factor, otherwise they wouldn't have allowed that line to be used in their summary of the interview. So let the two Bills be a lesson to us all on how civil dialogue between left and right should be the norm.

This reminds me, there used to be a political show on English TV called Bill & Ben. Long standing Left wing MP Tony Benn and Tory William Hague used to casually chat to each other about history and politics. I loved that show. What ever happened to it ?


thesystemworks said...

I don't remember any show called Bill and Ben, other than the one about the flower pot men.

Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott are great together on the Daily Politics with Andrew Neil, even though Diane is meant to be one of the most personally unpleasant politicians out there according to a journalist friend of mine.

Ted Leddy said...


I think the Bill and Ben show was a segment of the same politics show that Portillo and Abbott appear on. I agree, they are very good together. I think Michael Portillo is a big loss to British politics.