Sunday, December 5, 2010

90 Years Ago This Week

Following the events of bloody Sunday on November 21st wide spread raiding by the British Army takes place in Dublin. Over 500 people are arrested.

November 24.
Three prominent members of the under ground Dail Eireann are arrested, two of whom Arthur Griffith (Home Affairs) and Eoin MacNeil (Industries) are cabinet ministers. The third was Eamon Dugann, future negotiator of the Treaty.

An RIC man is shot dead on Infirmary Road in Dublin.

The British Labour leader, Arthur Anderson, meets privately with Prime Minister Loyd George and urges him to call a ceasefire in Ireland.

November 25th
Three British soldiers are killed in an IRA ambush in Castletownroche Co Cork.

November 26th
Two suspected IRA men, brothers from Gort Co Galway are abducted and murdered by Auxiliaries. It is unclear whether the men were in the IRA.

November 27th
Two RIC men are ambushed in Castlemartyr, Co Cork. One is killed.

November 28th
Thirty Six members of the west Cork IRA ambush two lorries carrying 19 members of the Auxiliary Division of the RIC outside the town of Kilmichael. In the battle, three IRA and 18 Auxiliaries are killed. The one surviving soldier would remain paralysed for the rest of his life from a head wound. The Kilmichael ambush has been a source of controversy over the years. As no mercy was clearly shown it has been argued that the Auxiliaries may have been executed after surrender. The leader of the flying column Tom Barry, himself a World War One veteran with the British Army claimed in his 1949 book, Guerrilla Days in Ireland that nine soldiers in the first lorry were killed out rigt. He claimed that about seven in the second lorry then initiated a false surrender where they called for surrender but opened fire just as the IRA men moved in to disarm them, killing one volunteer. Barry claims that he then gave the order to open fire and did not heed any further calls to surrender.

The monument above marks the spot of the Kilmichael Ambush.

November 29th
Two RIC men were captured by the IRA in Ballylongford Co Kerry. The British Army issued an ultimatum that Ballylongford would be razed to the ground if two men were not released and the Kerry No. 1 Brigade HQ ordered their release.

November 30th
Archbishop of Perth, Joseph Clune whose nephew Conor was killed on bloody Sunday holds a press conference in London where he details instances of reprisals against civilians.

December 02
Three senior IRA men are killed in Bandon Co Cork. It is believed they are killed at a meeting a British Army officer who they believed was willing to help them.

December 03
Archbishop Clune meets with Arthur Griffith in Mountjoy Jail. Clune subsequently meets Collins and the terms with which a truce may be agreed are discussed.

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