Tuesday, December 28, 2010

90 Years Ago This Week

The War of Independence has escalated dramatically in the past month particularly in Munster. In retaliation for the Kilmichael ambush on the 28th of November in which 17 Auxiliaries were killed, the Black N Tans burn Cork City center.

The burning of southern Ireland's second largest city was condemned internationally. Britain is clearly losing the propaganda war.

December 18th
A Flying Column in Co Clare consisting of 56 men attack a joint RIC Military patrol near Ennis. Sixteen Auxiliaries/RIC are killed.

Brigadier-General Higginson (Cork) issues a notice saying that captured rebel officers will in future be carried on British lorries as protection.

December 19th
A flying column in East Limerick attack an British military patrol Killing two soldiers. The rest or the patrol surrender, are disarmed and released.

A conference opens in Washington DC to enquire into British atrocities in Ireland - it was subsequently addressed by Muriel and Mary MacSwiney, wife and sister respectively of Terence McSwiney (former Lord Mayor of Cork who was murdered by the Black N Tans) and the new Lord Major of Cork Donal O'Callaghan.

December 20th
8 British soldiers and 1 RIC are killed in an ambush by the IRA on the Kilkenny Tipperary border near Nile Mile House.

Two IRA men are taken from Cashel by Auxiliaries and shot dead near Kilfeacle cemetery.

December 21st
Archbishop Clune meets with Llyod George in London and gives him Griffith's truce proposal. Llyod George rejects it as it does not include the handing in of arms and he tells Clune that his military are confident of mopping up the IRA.

December 22nd
An RIC man is shot dead in a pub in Newtonbarry Co Wexford.

December 23rd
President of the underground republic Eamon De Valera returns to Ireland after one year in America promoting the Irish cause.

December 24th
On this day 90 years ago the Government of Ireland Act came into being. It is this document, and not the Anglo Irish Treaty of 1921 (as many seem to think) that partitions Ireland.

December 25th
An Auxiliary patrol in Ballymacelligott, Co. Kerry kills two men and burns their homes.

December 27th
In Bruff Co Limerick, the British Army and the RIC raid a fund raising dance for the IRA. A gun fight breaks out in which five IRA men and one RIC man are killed.

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