Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deadly Israeli Fire

Forty one people have been killed in a deadly bush fire just north of the Israeli city of Haifa. Excellent blogger Juan Cole over at Informed Comment makes the following enlightened remark.

It is ironic that so much blood has been shed on who will possess that forest near Haifa, and Mother Nature just reminded us whose it really is: Hers.


thesystemworks said...

A bit off topic, but did you see the information from Wikileaks showing that Ireland did not allow American planes to land in Shannon Airport on their way to Israel to replenish the Israeli arsenal after the 2nd Lebanon War?

This is extremely serious, as I know that at an event in Israel during the fighting, the previous Irish ambassador said he understood that that war had started due to an unprovoked attack by Hizbullah on Israel (during which 2 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and killed), and indentified with the suffering of the Israelis including Irish citizens who were under attack from Lebanese missiles for more than a month!

Ted Leddy said...


I did not see that. It surprises me as that would be generally out of line with Irish government practises regarding Shannon. Having said that, Ireland's neutrality brings with it many legal complciations.