Sunday, January 2, 2011

70 Years Ago Today 2/01/41

North Africa: HMS Terror, HMS Aphis and HMS Ladybird bombard the port of Bardia in Axis controlled Egypt. The bombardment is in preparation for an allied landing led by Australian troops, set to occur on the following day.

Germany: 95 RAF planes attacked the industrial German city of Bremen dropping 20,000 incendiaries as well as tons of high explosives. The raid by the RAF, and the use of incendiaries to spread fires is a retaliation for the recent Luftwaffe attack on London which devastated the city, destroying many famous buildings and killing nearly 1000 people.

London after the December 30th raid.

Ireland: On this day 70 years ago several bombs fell sporadically along the east coast of Ireland. In Co Carlow, 3 members of a family were killed when their home was hit. Also on this day it is believed that a number of German agents parachuted into neutral Ireland in order to make contact with the local IRA who would escort them to Northern Ireland where they could spy on British military installations. The Irish government would soon be threatened by the British who would claim that such activities undermine its neutrality. Eamon De Valera's government would ultimately succeed in interning the majority of the IRA

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