Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jim Corr, fruit bat

This is some of the best TV I have seen in years on Irish television. On The Late Late Show last Friday Jim Corr, of the band The Corrs and Lord Christopher Monckton (an odd man in his own right), Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party discussed conspiracy theories surrounding climate change and 9/11. Lord Monckton is challenged by Deirdre De Burca of the Green Party who naturally takes exception to his denial of Global Warming. Corr is then confronted by Irish based American left wing journalist Harry Brown who quite rightly raises the connection between anti semitism and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Hilarious, enjoy !


Paul said...

What a fruitcake! Good debate that Ted. I agree with Lord Monkton, although he did not handle himself too well. A suitable rejoinder to the dingbat who hectored him would have been:

a. Your qualifications as a scientist.
b. Your criticisms of the economic model UKIP and others espouse, what is yours? We know the Green Party are hard left and favour a rigid authoritarian state. That's been tried elsewhere and it has always failed. Not to mention the effects on low income people globally of imposed high fuel costs. The Greens and other frauds like Al Gore are enforcing poverty.

Ted Leddy said...


It was a good debate alright. When it comes to global warming I think people will believe whatever version of science they want in order to prove their point.

The reason it was such a good debate was the diversity of the participants. A fanatical left wing conspiracy theorist and a senior UKIP member sharing a stage so amicably is in itself amusing. Then the green and the yank topped it off for me. Great stuff !