Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maher interviews Carter

I just had to put this up. Probably my favourite political comedian Bill Maher interviewed former President Jimmy Carter last October but I only came across it today for some reason. Now I know many conservatives would probably puke if they were forced to listen to these two men chatting casually among themselves but I think most fair minded people can acknowledge that they are both very interesting men. In fact, I think Jimmy Carter is possibly the most fascinating man to ever sit in the oval office. Note: this bares no relation to the quality of his presidency but come on, a former naval officer and staunchly liberal, evangelical Christian from the deep south who made it to the highest office in the land, now that's the kind of man I would want at my fantasy dinner party. And I think that is why I like Carter, political pundits that are so obsessed with putting people in political boxes have never been able to figure Carter out. And I respect that about him because I too do not like being described as an anything. I was also immediately attracted to this interview in the hope that the two liberal lions would discuss religion but perhaps wisely, the evangelical and the religion mocking atheist avoided the subject. It make interesting viewing regardless. Enjoy !

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