Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo of the Day

Not a great picture I know but I snapped this bit of Dublin in the rare old times yesterday and thought I would put it up. A man with a horse and cart delivers coal and briquettes to people in Ballyfermot, co Dublin.


Anonymous said...

The men in the rare aul times (a myth) who transported goods this way were called carters, and they earned every penny of their modest salaries.
This mode of transport was ecologically wholesome, although the smell of urine and dung could be unsettling. Incidentally, during the siege of Paris around 1870, a man called Rudolf Steiner observed the amount of horse dung littering the streets and got the idea of building large heaps of composted soil for growing vegetables organically. From this he developed the Steiner bio-dynamic method of organic vegetable production. That's just BTW - I don't do it myself.

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks you for your informative comment. Good to know if Dublin ever comes under siege we will be able to use this tactic.