Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zionist Sharks and Vultures

Do Arabs hate Israeli because of what they do or because of who they are ? This is the most fundamental question to be asked regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict and for that matter the wider war on terror or clash of civilisations or whatever way you wish to describe the current tension between the West and the Muslim world. There are times when I think it is because of what the Israelis do, ie the occupation, heavy handed tactics, the wall, settlements ect. But then there are times when I know it is based on old fashioned hatred of the Jew.

During my time in the Middle East I came across many examples of the deeply rooted anti semitism that exists in the Arab world. Probably the most outrageous claim I ever heard was that the Israeli were responsible for the 2004 Asian tsunami. Apparently it was in fact caused by the Israeli navy conducting a nuclear experiment that wiped a quarter of a million people of the face of the earth. In recent weeks, some equally bizarre conspiracies have emerged.

Last month a German tourist was killed in a shark attack at the Egyptian resort of Sharm e-Sheikh. The Egyptian authorities have not ruled out that it was a Mossad plot designed to damage the tourism industry. Read the full article here.

And last week the Saudi authorities detained a vulture on suspicion of being an Israeli spy, seriously. A vulture with a Tel Aviv university tag was captured in Saudi Arabia on suspicion conducting espionage of some sort. The bird was being tagged by students at the university for research purposes when it crossed the border. Read about it here.

Jewish sharks have been terrorising swimmers in the Red Sea

It is easy to laugh at such stories. But in truth, these anecdotes represent a much more sinister reality in the Arab world where the most primitive form of Jew hatred is still widespread. In the Arab world it no doubt stems from the Prophet Mohammed's expulsion of the Jews from Medina in the 7th century, an event which is celebrated in rather theatrical terms. Today, conspiracy theories which claim that the Jew is working internationally to destroy Islam and everything sacred to Muslims are widely believed. The Jewish plot is so wide spread, so detailed, it exists on so many levels that it cannot be defeated, all that can be done to stop it, is to kill Jews, all Jews, everywhere. This is the thinking of Al Quaeda and many other extremists groups. And it is I believe the thinking that bubbles beneath the surface in much of the Arab world. Why else would Pakistani Jihadists, while launching an attack on the Indian city of Mumbai, take time out from their savage assault to locate the only synagogue in town and kill all its inhabitants. This level of anti semitism rivals and at time succeeds the thinking which inspired the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which led to the pogroms against the Jews in Russia and later in Nazi Germany. Until this form of hatred is confronted internally, the main agenda of the Jihadist will be the destruction of Israel, disguised as the liberation of Palestine. The final point I want to make is important. I do not let the Israelis off the hook. I am not one of these people who say that the Palestinians will hate the Israeli regardless, therefor it doesn't matter what the Israelis do. Israel's conduct is not always honourable and the occupation and the conduct of the IDF is of course relevant but that is a debate for another day.


Paul said...

Ted, have you read this?

The ubiquitous Myers again, thoughts?

Ted Leddy said...


Thanks for the link. I intended to look this article up after I saw a critical response to it in today's "Irish Independent" by an Irish Muslim. I think I will post on both letters tomorrow in detail.

For now let me say that while I dislike the descriptions of Muslims breeding too much (it makes them sound like a disease) I share his concern with Muslims inability to integrate, particularly in large numbers and especially when dominated by one nationality. I particularly agree with his criticisms of feminist silence on the mistreatment of women in Islamic societies.

Gary said...

I can not agree more. I think you are absolutely right on target here.

One of my closet friends is a Muslim from Kuwait and is here attending a University working on his 2nd Masters Degree. He is not a "practicing Muslim" (much the same way as I am not a practicing Christian because I do not attend any particular church, although I have an excellent relationship with the almighty).

When the subject of Israel comes up he demonstrates the very unreasonable hatred you describe and is quick to tell me stories of Jewish abuses nearly as ridiculous as those you mentioned. I am always surprised how closed minded he is on the subject even though he is intelligent and very open minded on most other things. -I should also mention that his mother is Indian and he bears a distinct dislike for anything British, but not to anywhere near the level of his hatred of the Jews.

thesystemworks said...

Ted, I wish more Irish people would stop and reflect the way you have. The 'what they do or who they are' question is a fascinating one in light of the following facts:

Since Israel's establishment 11 million Muslims have died in conflict. 90% of them have been killed by other Muslims. 0.3% of the total have been killed by Israel.

Up to 80,000 Muslim residents of Kashmir may have been killed by predominently Hindu members of the Indian armed forces in that conflict. That's well over the 50,000 Palestinians killed by Israel in the entire Arab-Israeli conflict.

Toss the figures around in your mind and come to your own conlusions - is it what they do, or is it because they are Jews?

Another big factor in this issue is the obfuscation of facts by the Islamic and left-wing interests in the West. Most people are unaware of the history of Muslim Jew-hatred or even the mass expulsion of Jews from Muslim lands. Thankfully, eminent historian Sir Martin Gilbert completed last year a definitive history of Jews in Muslim lands called 'In Ishmael's House', which is a true must-read. The Islamo-leftists have very successfully spread a myth that Jews always lived peacefully in co-operation with Muslims before Zionism. I actually was told this by an otherwise intelligent man on I couldn't believe it. No knowledge whatsoever of the ins and outs of dhimmitude, of periodic anti-Jewish massacres, of any anti-Jewish though in traditional Islamic societies.

Of course, a lot of the anti-Semitic themes displayed in the Islamic community are recycled from Europe, but one would be foolish to ignore Muslim history in this regard.

Ted Leddy said...


I have had similar experiences in the Middle East. Fairly reasonable guys suddenly turn quite nasty at the mention of the word Jew.

Like your friend, I too have some hang ups. I am Irish as you know, I don't mind being called Paddy, unless its by an Englishman. Whats that about ?

Ted Leddy said...


Your statistics speak for themselves.

My view on the far lefts' complete distortion of the facts is simple. They don't believe that the western liberal democratic model is a good thing. They think it should be overthrown (I'm not putting words in their mouth. Just read their literature). Since liberal democracy is a bad thing, they naturally don't think it should be defended. They don't recognise or support the cause of Israel a democratic nation holding the front line against the dictatorial and extremist Arab world. While I always oppose Israeli expansion, I have the sense to know that if the Jihadists got their way, they would not stop until "all Palestine" was liberated. This of course means Tel Aviv. And if they succeeded in achieving this, they would then come for the rest of us.

I look forward to reading Gilbert's book.

thesystemworks said...

Ah yes, the liberation of 'historic Palestine' - an entity which only ever existed as a British Mandate after 1922, after the British re-drew the map they had made in 1917 and created today's Jordan.

We could talk forever about the left on this matter. I think there are many factors. One of the biggest is their view that Israel is a stooge for the colonising West (though they would be mightily offended by the notion that Cuba was a stooge for the colonising East). Because many former colonies were and are unable to run themselves, always due to adopting socialist policies, the left have to keep focusing on the enemy of 100 years ago instead of current reality which is potentially embarrassing to them.

I've had plenty of personal experience with the far-left, sympathising with them as a teenager, but of course growing out of it. Luckily I did so before going to college and therefore got it out of my system early. There's no excuse for anyone over 30, or those married with families, to remain of that persuasion.

Another factor is the idolisation the far left have for 'The Party', the embodiment of 'The Revolution'. SWP members still refer to themselves as 'revolutionaries' - its a total cult. If the Party describes itself as opposed to anti-Semitism, its obedient followers insist it is so no matter what position it adopts, esp. regarding the destruction of Israel and occasional anti-Semitic statements that come out of the membership, that often result from their association with radical Muslims. A typical example is this former SWP figure:

Ted Leddy said...


"SWP members still refer to themselves as 'revolutionaries'"

They also call for the overthrow of the Irish state. They never get taken up on this. It's unbelievable. How come nobody ever confronted Joe Higgins about this when he was in the Dail.

thesystemworks said...


It seems every time you scrutinise leftist groups they scream 'MCCARTHYISM!!!' and make themselves out to be the most perfect of victims.

They are doing it in Israel right now, because Danny Ayalon is launching an investigation into the funding of radical leftist groups - mostly self-dubbed 'human rights' organisations and some that deny Israel's right to exist and engage in massive historical revisionism.

These organisations mostly claim to be grassroots Israeli campaigns, but are actually stooges of outside interests heavily funded by hostile European countries such as Ireland. They are undermining Israel from within. And yet we are led to believe the 'Israel Lobby' is all -powerful and undermining democracy!

BunBun4life said...

They are a disease and they DO breed too much. Osama Bin Laden had over 100 children. Saudis have multiple wives,up to 4, and multiple children with each - it is not uncommon for them to have 25 kids or more per HUSBAND.

When I visited Morocco it was standard that people I met had 10 or more siblings and one woman only had 6 or 8 and I swear to god looked ASHAMED at how 'few' children she bore. OUTCOME? Morocco has the youngest population on earth, with 75% of the population being under 27 about 5 years ago. NO JOBS, poor economy. You can't just 'birth' so many kids in 26 years that the nations POPULATION increases 1000% without repercussions AND unfortunately WE get to also bear the repercussions with illegal Moroccan immigration into Italy and Spain. They are very violent and rapey, I can't stand them. From what I could tell the men in Morocco have an average emotional status of maybe a 12 to 14 year old; and I am talking about men in their 20's. They are not smart, they are not 'learned', and they think everything should be 'alike'. They're also very nationalistic.

You could visit 100 towns in Morocco and not even tell the DIFFERENCE. The cities have all the same store types, the men wear the same clothing brands and colors and shoes. AND due to inbreeding they look so much alike, I would think I was seeing someone I knew in a different city! ALL those muslim countries are like that.

In a day in age when scientists are saying things like "Scandinavians need to set an example and limit their children to TWO" these animals are having 20 kids with ONE WIFE. SCREW THEM. Scandinavians, probably one of the most intelligent and peaceful peoples on the PLANET and WE'RE the ones who are supposed to 'keep the baby making down' - they can all burn in hell.

I read one article, this woman had 20 children, the first 7 were born in FIVE YEARS. 5 out of the 7 were RETARDED and 4 of them couldn't walk at all because of a large missing portion of their BRAIN due to inbreeding.

Give me a BREAK. If they are going to have litters of mentally retarded and physically birth defected children, WHO THE HELL WANTS THEM? I don't. I want them GONE, I despise them. They have ruined Europe and they are ruining Sweden. They steadily murder anybody of a different religion in THEIR countries like Pakistan, then scurry like roaches to England and DEMAND RIGHTS.


OH YES and the answer to the question: THEY HATE JEWS FOR WHAT THEY ARE. Not because of what they've 'done' and they simply use what jews were FORCED to do to protect themselves as PROPAGANDA.

Do any of the liberal douchebags ever wonder WHY Israel had to build a fence? Because the muslims were KILLING THEM. Burning synagogues, jewish businesses, murdering families and raping the women and children.

MORONS antisemitic sacks of garbage. Anybody who thinks Israel is abusing the Palestinians need to read the HISTORY OF ISRAEL first, and not be taken in by the propaganda of the lunatic palestinians running around shaking the burnt charred corpses of toddlers like rag dolls, and that's probably the most attention THAT kid ever got. They will gladly sacrifice their kids to PROVE their point. It's SO BAD that the last time I saw some screaming Palestinian holding a burned up charcoal dead toddler above his head SHAKING it and I mean seriously, like a rag doll, while screaming some B.S. and hoards of other screaming men were around him; I burst out laughing. It was SO ridiculous, they made me laugh at a dead baby.