Thursday, February 24, 2011

FG triumphs in on line battle !

We are living through a digital revolution. This has manifested itself in many ways. In the Middle East dictators are being toppled on a weekly basis. In Ireland, the people are turning to social networking for political information. This is Ireland's first genuine Internet election. Facebook, flickr, youtube, twitter and the blogosphere have impacted immensely on this campaign. In the same way as cable and satellite TV revolutionised elections in the 60's 70's, the candidates and parties that recognise and embrace new technologies in 2011 will triumph.

It is undeniably true that in this election, Fine Gael have had a far superior on line strategy than any other party. You may argue that Fine Gael were always likely to win this election as a result of the catastrophic outgoing Fianna Fail government who surrendered our economic sovereignty to the IMF. Perhaps, but an overall majority, which many are now predicting for FG and their complete out manoeuvring of their nearest rivals in the labour party could not have happened with out a substantial and effective on line campaign. If you doubt the importance of the digital aspect of the election, watch the video below which illustrates in spectacular fashion how the Irish public have in recent months embraced the Internet in search of political information.

Irish Digital Revolution Election 2011 from Fine Gael on Vimeo.

There is a vital point I want to make regarding the above video. It is clear that Fine Gael have had the most effective on line strategy. The party has clearly demonstrated a solid grasp of the digital revolution. This is significant as it is within this revolution that the roots of economic recovery will emerge. The fact that Fine Gael's digital strategy was superior is not only relevant in the context of the election. It demonstrates that Fine Gael are aware of the tremendous opportunities that exist in the digital era. The first time we saw the digital revolution in action was in the 2008 US Presidential election. Barack Obama and his supporters used the Internet to generate unprecedented energy and revenue. But more importantly President Obama brought his campaign strategy into government once elected where his administration continues to communicate with the electorate in on line forums. In addition President Obama has over the last two years focused on creating jobs and stimulating innovation in the on line sector. Will Enda Kenny do the same, all the indications are that he will.


Ayesha said...

This is really a good stuff, This sounds good. I like it. Photo Recovery

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Ayesha

Glad you liked it !

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Ted, but i've always valued your impartiality and measured analysis on all things, global and national. I dont want to see this site becoming a FineGael live blog schmaltzer. As you pointed out they have plenty of online presence, without this site being another one.

Think of your fans Ted!


Ted Leddy said...


It's a fair point. I am a Fine Gael fan. I want them to win the election. I also want the Iranian people to overthrow their government. Gubu World is not about reporting the news. It is about my opinions. But I do accept that I should not follow the Fine Gael line too closely. The election is over. If Fine Gael let us down, I will make a big issue of it.