Friday, February 25, 2011

Ireland and Libya, Democracy and Tyranny

Today the Irish people are voting and the Libyan people are fighting and dying for the right to vote. Ireland is going to the polls to remove this corrupt and incompetent government. The best thing about Ireland is that it is a country where you can do this. It is one of those things that we all take for granted but if we were ever to lose it we would regret it more that we can possible imagine. Colonel Gadaffi came to power in Libya in 1969. Since then there has been eight US Presidents, eight British Prime Ministers and eight Taoisigh. Earlier today I listened on the John Murray radio show to Libyan and Iranian citizens, (one of whom was my friend Shaho Zamani, who my readers may remember I filmed heckling the Iranian Foreign minister in Dublin last year), discuss the situations in their home countries. These people spoke passionately about the horrors of living under a restricted regime where freedom of thought is forbidden and opposition to the regime can result in random imprisonment. This is the reality for the people of Iran and Libya. My message is not sexy, it is in fact boring and conservative. I simply want to say that it is a privileged to live in a free country with separation of powers, an independent judiciary, free elections, freedom of the press and freedom of association. May that never ever change.

This is Ireland

Jack Lynch, Fianna Fail, 1969-73, 1977-79

Liam Cosgrave, Fine Gael, 1973-77.

Charlie Haughey, Fianna Fail, 1979-81, March 1982 - December 1982, 1987-92.

Garreth Fitzgerald, Fine Gael, 1981-82, 1982-87.

Albert Reynolds, Fianna Fail, 1992-94.

John Bruton, Fine Gael, 1994-1997.

Bertie Ahearn, Fianna Fail, 1997-2008.

Brian Cowen, Fianna Fail 2008 - 2011.

Enda Kenny, Fine Gael, 2011 - ?

And this is Libya

Colonel Gadffi, 1969 -
but not for much longer.


DT said...

Gadaffi looks like one of the guys from Spring Break.

Ted Leddy said...


The world of Middle East dictators is a strange place. First the dictator of Iran got sacked from his job as manager of Ipswich, then Colonel Gadaffi got a job as an Irish wedding singer. Weird !

DT said...

INteresting stuff today on the box!

Ted Leddy said...


Its absolutely fascinating. The Irish electoral landscape is being completely transformed. Not likely to be an overall majority for Fine Gael but hopefully a responsible competent FG/Labour government will get us out of this mess. Fianna Fail to lose 55 seats.