Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keeping updated as we enter day 7

From what I can tell the main question still appears to be, what will the military do ? I am hearing conflicting reports. I have heard that the military have announced they will not use violence against the protesters. I have also read that in the last few hours the army have fired heavy artillery warning shots to disperse angry crowds in Alexandria. It is not clear. But the photo above would suggest that the army are not overly anxious about defending the honor of Mubarak.

The situation in Egypt continues to evolve on an hourly basis. If you want to keep up to date I recommend the following sources. Gary over at Gary's Reflections has an excellent post entitled Egypt's Military Holds the Key. One of the best bloggers I know, GW from Wolf Howling has a troubling post which you can read here concerning the Muslim brotherhood who are now calling for war with Israel. He also posts on why he believes Mohammed Al Baredia, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency is not a desirable option to lead a new Egypt. A some what more left wing perspective can be gathered from brilliant blogger Juan Cole who discusses Egypt's Class conflict. In addition if you want to get information on events in Egypt as they unfold on Tuesday, I suggest you click here to read the latest updates from Juans blog Informed Comment. Meanwhile Robert Avrech from Seraphic Secret has an articulate and passionate post entitled Egypt and the Islamist Orbit which illustrates the geopolitical realities of the region and stipulates the danger facing Israel. And finally The Daily Dish has a fascinating post arguing that Egypt is not Iran and that the current situation in Egypt is different to that which occurred in Iran 18 months ago.

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