Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alan Shatter in Defence

Ireland's new Justice and Defence Minister is Alan Shatter, pictured above with senior officers of the Defence Forces including Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sean McCann (on Shatter's right). Alan Shatter is a practising Jew and proud Zionist. Although like myself he tends to focus more on support for the peace process rather than defence of Israel in an ideological sense. His new role however will lead him on an inevitable collision course with the Israel bashers, some prominent of whom have recently been elected to the new Dail. This from the Irish Times

AN advance party of Irish peacekeeping troops is expected to be deployed in south Lebanon next month, writes Tom Brady.
New Justice and Defence Minister Alan Shatter said yesterday he expected Dail approval for involvement in the United Nations mission there to be granted.
Deployment has already met with the backing of the UN and the Government but needs the approval of the Dail. Mr Shatter, who was at a commissioning ceremony for 31 cadets from the Defence Forces at the Curragh, Co Kildare, yesterday, said Ireland had an extraordinary role in peacekeeping operations and it was a tradition that should be continued.
Asked if his support of Israel over the years was at odds with the deployment of the troops in Lebanon, Mr Shatter said he had spoken in support of a peace process and resolution of the enormous difficulties that were ongoing between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Of course Alan Shatter knows his job well and protecting the Irish Defence Forces will always be his priority. But he will be in a difficult position if lets say one day members of the Irish Army are killed in an accidental exchange of fire with Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese border. In any event I have no doubt that his history of supporting Israel will be raised again and again particularly in relation to this upcoming Lebanon mission. It will no doubt also be raised by Hezbollah at the first sign of a dispute between them and the UN mission. Wherever the abuse comes from, Deputy Shatter will have to remain firm in the face of claims of bias.


Anonymous said...

" Alan Shatter is a practising Jew and proud Zionist. Although like myself he tends to focus more on support for the peace process rather than defence of Israel in an ideological sense" bollocks! Shatter is a defender of the chosen ideology and hasn't once apologised, similar to you, for the Jews massacre of Palestinian civilians. Given this duel loyalty one must question whether someone like him is fit for office. Ireland shouldn't engage a PC politic just to avoid charges of antisemitism.

Anonymous said...

For any politician to declare themselves a proud zionist and then pretends to be a morraly upright citizen is not only laughable but infuriating! The Isreali government, i.e zionists, has shown to the world time and again that when it comes to civil rights they could not give a shit. How can a man who affiliates himself with such an organization be credited with having a shred of decency left in his body..

the cow said...

I am a jewish person whom has lived in ireland since 1972. the two letters with the comments are so stupid it defies belief...they are in a sense equating their irish catholic
upbringing as the template for all other faiths. In what way is alan shatter a practicing jewish person.
Alan according to his articles is very secular. Also most jewish people due to the mass murder of two thirds of european jewish people by about 10 european countries have an understandable
affinity to Israel. Its your sort of attitude that coloured the aforesaid prejudice. Where was Ireland when these people cried out for your help. Get real!

Anonymous said...

and since when is the murder of 2/3 of european jewry an excuse for the systematic persecution and ethnic cleansing of another defenceless people. Yes! the jews of europe were murdered but the way the israeli zionist state uses the deaths of innocents to excuse their own nazi poloicies is nothing short of repulsive. its you who needs to get real. your delusion is what really defies belief. shame on you.

Anonymous said...

if shatter is a zionist he should not be in government the state of israel is a pariah state etnic cleansing of the palestinians also a racist state even against their fellow jews the sephardic the zionists collabarated with the nazis fact