Saturday, March 26, 2011

Arab Spring

The Arab Spring is showing no signs of burning itself out. Quite the opposite in fact, It continues to spread.Here are some photos which speak for themselves.








Anonymous said...

Its all kicking off! There will be a lot of bloodshed before this widespread uprising concludes. Is all this down to social media? Are inhabitants of these countries looking at Facebook and Twitter etc, seeing how much of a good time we are all having over here, and saying to themselves, ' hey, i want some of the action'? Why is it all happening now?


Ted Leddy said...


The Middle Eastern nations all have very young populations. And the truth is, the majority of them have very few prospects if the status quo is maintained, ie corrupt dictators ruling in the interests of themselves and their inner circles.

It is hard to know just how influential social networking has been in all of this. It's main advantage in terms of political unrest is that it allows dissidents to organise and assemble demonstrations, something which is very difficult to do in a police state. In addition, Facebook and Twitter offer discussion platforms that can't be controlled. Limiting free speech and controlling the debate is essential for holding on to power.