Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya, It's not about oil !

Oil, double standards, hypocrisy, these are the terms being thrown around by opponents of this latest intervention by NATO countries in the middle East. The standard response from the left can be summarise by George Galloway on Sky News yesterday.

Lets look at the main points being argued by Galloway and others.

1. This is about oil.
The problem with that argument is simple. Gadaffi was cooperating in this respect. He was playing ball. He had been pumping oil and gas to the west ever since Tony Blair " brought him in from the cold" five years ago. If stability and keeping the oil flowing was the objective then Britain, France and the US would have left him alone to slaughter his people.

2.This is not about protecting civilians.
On Friday, Gadaffi's forces were 24 hours away from retaking Benghazi and putting and end to the uprising. In doing so Gadaffi would have without question murdered thousands of those who opposed him. If the west had not intervened this clearly would have happened and the left would be screaming hypocrisy for not taking action for the sake of stability. People would be saying, for years the west has been talking about democracy in the Middle East but when the Libyan people rebelled against tyranny, we stood by and allowed it to be crushed just to keep the oil flowing. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama refused to let this happen.

3. Why is Libya different that the others ?
Firstly, I think the violence in Libya has been worse than anywhere else. Secondly Libya has a 500km Mediterranean coastline which also borders Europe making it in Europe's strategic interests to deal with. Thirdly, Gadaffi is a vengeful, unpredictable mad man who has blown civilian air craft out of the sky in the past and would likely do it again if he were to survive. But simply put, as David Cameron said, just because you can't intervene everywhere when it is right to do so does not mean you should not intervene anywhere.

A convoy of pro Gadaffi troops is destroyed from the air, likely by French Air Craft.


Sean McMahon said...

Hey Ted,

What your view on Chomsky's comments?

Paul said...

F$$k that! What a shower of shite that was on Saturday, England RUFC could do with being coached by someone like the late Uday Hussein and that's how I feel two days after the event! Really enjoyed the Italy/France game mind.

Ted Leddy said...

Hi Sean

Thanks for the link. Chomsky is a smart guy. The thing is, he has spent a life time arguing against the United States having any military role outside its own country. He is hardly going to change now. What he has done here, is to scan this latest intervention for any hint of self interest (i.e oil) and uses that to invalidate the entire endeavour. Furthermore, his take on the ICC and Gadaffi are I believe way off.

Ted Leddy said...


I hear that when an Iraqi boxer came back from the Olympics without a medal, Uday personally worked him over in the dungeon, in order to "teach" him how to box. I don't think England were so bad on Saturday that they would require someone like that. But it was very strange to watch it all fall apart so badly for England at the last hurdle. It has been an odd six nations. It is difficult to know which northern hemisphere team is looking strongest heading into the World Cup.