Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jewish Family Murdered

Five members of the Fogel family were brutally murdered last Friday.

Last Friday night one or perhaps more West Bank Palestinians infiltrated the Jewish settlement of Itamar and committed a particularly grisly murder that Charles Manson would be proud of. They knifed to death Udi Fogel (36) and his wife Ruth (35). They then slashed the throats of their 11 year old son Yoav and their 3 month old baby girl Hadas. They then turned their attention to 3 year old boy Elad who they stabbed in the heart twice. Several things went through my head when I first heard about this story. Firstly I thought, all politics aside, what kind of person can stab an infant to death. The answer is only two types, someone who is criminally insane and someone who is completely consumed by evil. As this was not a random act the man or men who did this clearly fall into the latter category.

Other thoughts which entered my head were as follows. I know that in conflict zones there is extreme hatred and savagery. I have known this since I was 13 upon hearing the news that loyalist terrorists had machine gunned the local pub in a Catholic part of Co Derry near where my mother is from, killing eight civilians. But there was something truly exceptional about these West Bank murders. People who hate the other side or are upset about land being stolen normally plant bombs or launch ambushes. They may even attack civilians. But butchering the children of the enemy (as in this picture) is different. In this case it is about sheer unmitigated hatred of the Jew. It must be face up to that for some Palestinians, I hope a minority, the Israeli Palestinian conflict is not about settlements, borders or refugees. It is about killing the Jewish enemy.

And finally, a feeling of guilt came over me on hearing the news because a few months back I wrote this blog post about how different sides in conflict zones use civilian and civilian casualties for propaganda purposes and even deliberately put their citizens in harms way for this reason. I accused Hamas, Hezbollah and West Bank settlers of this tactic. I am prepared to stand by the argument I made in that post even though I do so reluctantly after Friday's massacre. But I will say this. One of the reasons I stand by my previous argument is that I know that the Israeli response to this atrocity will be to build more Jewish settlements in the West Bank. This would be a mistake because it will eventually mean war and it will be a war with more civilians in the front line.


Anonymous said...

You are right, could there be a more evil action than this? The personal violence of the acts speaks of such hatred.
There is Right here and there is Wrong. There is sincerity and unfortunately there are also cynicism, opportunism, ignorance, and these seem to dominate.

Ted Leddy said...

Well Said Jenny

I have been arguing for a long time that the debate on Israel Palestine, particularly in Ireland is dominated by cynicism and opportunism.

Anonymous said...

Surely the Jewish government that placed, or at the very least did not discourage, settlers on occupied territory bear responsibility for this heinous crime?

Ted Leddy said...

The responsibility for these child murders lie with the perpetrators. But I do believe that in the same way Hamas and Hezbollah use civilians as human shields, the Israelis should not be moving civilians to the front line of disputed land.

Anonymous said...

No, the responsibility lays squarely on the shoulders of the occupying force ostensibly termed 'Isreal'. The Jewish people should revert to pre-1948 borders or simply continue to visit upon themselves the wrath spoken of in Scripture.

Ted Leddy said...


"squarely on the shoulders" of Israel. You have a warped sense of right and wrong. Quite typical really, a Muslim fanatic cuts a baby's throat and you say the Jews made him do it. Islamic terrorists and their supporters never take responsibility for their atrocities.