Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"My people would die to proctect me"

I heard about this interview today, I heard it was bizarre, but when I sat down to watch it on line I was stunned. Gadaffi, who sporadically bursts into English when he gets excited, is certifiably insane. I think it was Winston Churchill's greatest quote when he said, "Dictators are always riding on the backs of tigers (ie their People) and they dare not dismount". Gadaffi is days away from falling off the back of the tiger. When he does, he will be eaten alive and ripped apart, Mussolini style. Watch as brilliant BBC journalist Jeremy Bowen interviews the mad man of the Mediterranean.

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Anonymous said...

Its a tricky position, saying he cannot resign, because he has no position to resign from. Genius if u ask me. All the rest of the dictators down through history may well have clung on to power had they thought of this one.